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Top Science News
February 3, 2023

This Groundbreaking Biomaterial Heals Tissues from the Inside out

 A new biomaterial that can be injected intravenously, reduces inflammation in tissue and promotes cell and tissue repair. The biomaterial was tested and proven effective in treating tissue damage caused by heart attacks in both rodent and large animal models. Researchers also provided proof of …

Will Machine Learning Help Us Find Extraterrestrial Life?

 Researchers have applied a deep learning technique to a previously studied dataset of nearby stars and uncovered eight previously unidentified signals of …

Meteorites Reveal Likely Origin of Earth’s Volatile Chemicals

 By analyzing meteorites, researchers have uncovered the likely far-flung origin of Earth’s volatile chemicals, some of which form the building blocks of …

AI Technology Generates Original Proteins from Scratch

 Scientists have created an AI system capable of generating artificial enzymes from scratch. In laboratory tests, some of these enzymes worked as well as those found in nature, even when their artificially generated amino acid sequences diverged significantly from any known natural …

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Health News
February 3, 2023

Traffic Pollution Impairs Brain Function

 A new study has shown that common levels of traffic pollution can impair human brain function in only a matter of hours. The study was the first to show in a controlled experiment using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) that exposure to diesel exhaust disrupts the ability of different …

Reducing Total Calories May Be More Effective for Weight Loss Than Intermittent Fasting

 Timing from first meal to last meal was not associated with weight loss in a six-year study: Eating less overall and fewer large meals may be a more effective weight management strategy than restricting meals to a narrow time window, such as …

Newly Discovered Anatomy Shields and Monitors Brain

 Researchers describe a previously unknown component of brain anatomy that acts as both a protective barrier and platform from which immune cells surveil the brain for infection and …

New Blood Test Can Detect ‘Toxic’ Protein Years Before Alzheimer’s Symptoms Emerge, Study Shows

 Researchers can detect ‘toxic’ small aggregates of a particular protein in the blood of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, as well as in individuals who showed no signs of cognitive impairment at the time the blood sample was taken, but who …
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Physical/Tech News
February 3, 2023

Billions of Celestial Objects Revealed in Gargantuan Survey of the Milky Way

 Astronomers have released a gargantuan survey of the galactic plane of the Milky Way. The new dataset contains a staggering 3.32 billion celestial objects — arguably the largest such catalog so far. The data for this unprecedented survey were taken …

Riddle Solved: Why Was Roman Concrete So Durable?

 An unexpected ancient manufacturing strategy may hold the key to designing concrete that lasts for …

Hubble Finds That Ghost Light Among Galaxies Stretches Far Back in Time

 In giant clusters of hundreds or thousands of galaxies, innumerable stars wander among the galaxies like lost souls, emitting a ghostly haze of light. These stars are not gravitationally tied to any one galaxy in a cluster. The nagging question for astronomers has been: how did the stars get so …

Researchers Propose New Structures to Harvest Untapped Source of Freshwater

 An almost limitless supply of fresh water exists in the form of water vapor above Earth’s oceans, yet remains untapped, researchers said. A new study suggests an investment in new infrastructure capable of harvesting oceanic water vapor as a solution to limited supplies of fresh water in various …
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Environment News
February 3, 2023

Global Warming Reaches Central Greenland

 A temperature reconstruction from ice cores of the past 1,000 years reveals that today’s warming in central-north Greenland is surprisingly pronounced. The most recent decade surveyed in a study, the years 2001 to 2011, was the warmest in the past 1,000 years, and the region is now 1.5 °C warmer …

When Migrating Birds Go Astray, Disturbances in Magnetic Field May Be Partly to Blame

 Disturbances to Earth’s magnetic field can lead birds astray — a phenomenon scientists call ‘vagrancy’ — even in perfect weather, and especially during fall migration. While other factors such as weather likely play bigger roles in causing …

Two out of Three Glaciers Could Be Lost by 2100

 Scientists have made new projections of glacier mass loss through the century under different emissions …

Feline Genetics Help Pinpoint First-Ever Domestication of Cats

 Nearly 10,000 years ago, humans settling in the Fertile Crescent, the areas of the Middle East surrounding the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, made the first switch from hunter-gatherers to farmers. They developed close bonds with the rodent-eating cats that conveniently served as ancient pest-control …
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Society/Education News
February 3, 2023

Risk of Multiple Climate Tipping Points Escalates Above 1.5°C Global Warming

 Multiple climate tipping points could be triggered if global temperature rises beyond 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, according to a major new analysis. Even at current levels of global heating the world is already at risk of passing five …

Risk of Volcano Catastrophe ‘a Roll of the Dice’

 While funding is pumped into preventing low-probability scenarios such as asteroid collision, the far more likely threat of a large volcanic eruption is close to ignored — despite much that could be done to reduce the risks, say …

How the Brain Responds to Surprising Events

 Researchers have found that one key role of the neuromodulator noradrenaline, produced by the locus coeruleus, is to help the brain learn from surprising …

Lead Exposure in Last Century Shrank IQ Scores of Half of Americans, Study Finds

 Researchers calculate that exposure to car exhaust from leaded gas during childhood stole a collective 824 million IQ points from over 170 million Americans alive today, more than half of the population of the United …
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