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Mission Statement for “Hawaii Science Digest.”

Welcome to “Hawaii Science Digest”.  The purpose of this blog is to examine current trends in science, technology, environmental studies, cyber security, and artificial intelligence (AI).

My sources will include cutting edge research from leading universities and research centers, as well as updates from worldwide media outlets, including the BBC, CNN, NBC, Google News, EIN News/EIN Presswire, and leading scientific publications.

I will try to remain as objective as possible and will let the reports speak for themselves.  My views, when given, will be identified as opinion.  You’re invited to weigh-in on topics raised by these posts.  Please keep your remarks civil, objective, and pertinent.  Racial, national, and religious slurs will not be published.

Please join me in exploring our world and the universe surrounding us.

Aloha from the Big Island of Hawaii,

Russ Roberts

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