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“NASA capsule set to deliver rare sample from asteroid Bennu.”

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NASA Capsule Set to Deliver Rare Sample From Asteroid Bennu

Watch NASA’s OSIRIS-REx asteroid probe approach Earth tonight with free telescope livestream

Yahoo News

NASA’s first asteroid sample on track for Sunday parachute landing in Utah

KVOA Tucson News

University of Arizona led OSIRIS-REx returns Sunday

India Has Lost Contact With Chandrayaan-3 Moon Lander and Rover

The New York Times

India’s Moon Lander Misses Wake-Up Call After Successful Mission

Interesting Engineering

ISRO tries to wake up Chandrayaan-3 after lunar night, no response yet


ISRO Chief Explains Benefits, Challenges Of Chandrayaan-3 Lander, Rover Waking Up

Florida Today

Updates: SpaceX Starlink 6-18 mission from Cape Canaveral

SpaceX rocket to launch on record-tying 17th mission tonight

WESH 2 Orlando

SpaceX launches Starlink satellites from Brevard County

Florida Today

Photos: SpaceX launches Falcon 9 Starlink 6-18 mission from Florida

Houston Chronicle

Texas city named one of the best places to see October solar eclipse

Best towns in Texas to see the ‘Ring of Fire’ eclipse

San Antonio Express-News

The Alamo to host solar eclipse event


How to Watch and Photograph a Solar Eclipse

Spaceflight Now

NASA astronaut looks forward to family hugs, peace and quiet, after yearlong flight – Spaceflight Now


Record-Setting NASA Astronaut Soon Returns to Earth; Watch Live

The Washington Post

NASA astronaut Frank Rubio reflects on record-breaking year in space – The Washington Post

ABC News

Astronaut Frank Rubio marks 1 year in space after breaking US mission record


Brainless jellyfish wows scientists with its ability to learn – Times of India

Business Insider

A deadly jellyfish is capable of learning without a brain: study


Surprising jellyfish finding challenges what’s known about learning and memory

Business Insider India

A species of jellyfish carrying one of the most deadly venoms in the world is capable of learning despite not

Oldest wood structure shows early humans were handier, less nomadic than known : Goats and Soda

Boing Boing

Evidence of hominins building wooden structures half a million years ago

WNCT-TV 9 On Your Side

UK Archaeologists Discover Oldest Known Wooden Structure in Zambia

Smithsonian Magazine

Archaeologists Uncover Notched Logs That May Be the Oldest Known Wooden Structure

Webb telescope just made tantalizing find on ocean world Europa


Life on Jupiter’s Moon? NASA’s Webb Finds Carbon Source on Surface of Europa

ZME Science

James Webb detects carbon, a crucial ingredient of life, on Jupiter’s icy moon Europa

James Webb telescope finds potential signature of life on Jupiter’s icy moon Europa


Fly Fitness: How the Iditarod Protein Connects Exercise, Cold Resistance & Cell Repair

Will Bennu hit Earth? NASA projection, size, what to know


NASA mission to return from asteroid as big as the Empire State Building that may one day hit Earth

How NASA’s OSIRIS-REx mission will help protect Earth against asteroid Bennu and its flyby in 2182

HT Tech

Apollo group asteroid approaching Earth! Is it hazardous? Know what NASA says

Forecasts show increased potential for northern lights in 2024

Interesting Engineering

Upcoming Northern Lights to be the strongest in 20 years

The Mirror

Space weather causing strongest boost in Northern Lights activity in two decades

Northern Lights: A little secret about how they are forecast

Spaceflight Now

Artemis 2 astronauts go to the launch pad for launch day practice – Spaceflight Now


Moonbound: Artemis II Astronauts Ace Launch Day Rehearsal

See Artemis 2 astronauts explore moon-like crater in Canada (photos)

India Today

Artemis-II astronauts suit up, conduct dry run for Moon mission launch

Pending FAA approval, Starship ready to sport upgrades for upcoming test flight –

NASA’s Mars Sample Mission Unrealistic, Report Finds

Giant Freakin Robot

NASA Mission To Retrieve Samples From Mars Is Already Doomed


Mars Sample Return got a new price tag. It’s big

Ars Technica

Independent reviewers find NASA Mars Sample Return plans are seriously flawed

Space photo of the week: The sun’s violent corona like it’s never been seen before


Watch NASA’s Parker Solar Probe Fly Through a Coronal Mass Ejection

National Geographic

Explosive new images of the sun may help unravel long-standing mysteries


This NASA spacecraft successfully flew through a sun explosion


Cracking the Nucleolar Code: MIT Unravels Evolutionary Secrets of the Nucleolus


6x Tougher Than Kevlar: Spider Silk Is Spun by Genetically Modified Silkworms for the First Time

AZ Animals

Scientist Are Doing What to Silkworms to Create What?… This Is Wild

Spider silk produced by genetically modified silkworms is 6x stronger than Kevlar

South China Morning Post

Chinese team uses gene-edited silkworms to make tougher-than-Kevlar spider silk

How India’s rover findings of sulfur in lunar soil could pave the way for future moon bases

Hear what surprised Neil deGrasse Tyson about the purported ‘alien corpses’ shown in Mexico’s congress

NASA rover finds place where extraordinary events occurred on Mars


The Universe: Strangest Things in the Galaxy (S3, E10) | Full Episode

LCLS-II is now the most powerful X-ray laser

Mysterious giant bubble found near our galaxy could be relic from the Big Bang


Tracking a Mission’s Historic Return to Earth on This Week @NASA – September 22, 2023

‘Hidden structures’ discovered deep beneath the dark side of the moon

CBS News

Scientists recover RNA from extinct species for first time

Study Finds

Real-life Jurassic Park? Scientists recover RNA that may resurrect extinct Tasmanian tiger

New Scientist

Thylacine RNA extracted from extinct animal for first time I New Scientist Weekly podcast 216

Smithsonian Magazine

Scientists Collect First RNA From an Extinct Tasmanian Tiger

We Just Got 12000 New Solutions to The Infamous Three-Body Problem

FAA: What goes up may not come back down without a re-entry permit

Interesting Engineering

First space drug factory stuck in orbit after reentry denial


FAA Denies Space Startup’s Spacecraft Reentry Request


US Government Won’t Let Space Drugs Factory Come Back to Earth

An amateur astronomer caught one of the brightest fireballs ever seen on Jupiter. Watch the rare video footage.

From Vinyl to Visions: Fruit Flies Showcase Decision-Making Prowess

The Jerusalem Post

Are our decisions made automatically in the brain? – study

Medical Xpress

Fruit flies offer clues to how brains make reward-based decisions

Study finds connection between gut microbiome and bone density

Twists in Spacetime Might Explain Some of The Brightest Objects in The Universe

Giant Freakin Robot

Black Holes Are More Powerful And Terrifying Than We Thought


Supermassive black holes eat gas and dust in mere months, 3D simulation suggests


Gobbling Galaxies: Black Holes’ Speedy Feast Shocks Scientists

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