Toward the end of the Atlantic hurricane season, the International Space Station orbits about 259 miles (417 kilometers) above Trinidad and Tobago as Hurricane Sam churns in the Atlantic Ocean in the fall of 2021.

Hurricane season 2023: How long it lasts and what to expect

This guide to the Atlantic hurricane season of 2023, includes predictions, tropical storm science, naming conventions and storm safety tips.


close up of a wollemi pine tree, a species that has survived since the cretaceous period

Mystery of ‘living fossil’ tree frozen in time for 66 million years finally solved

The Wollemi pine was thought to have gone extinct 2 million years ago until it was rediscovered by a group of hikers in 1994. Now, scientists have decoded its genome to understand how it’s survived — almost unchanged — since the time of the dinosaurs.




composite image showing a huge alligator with its mouth being held open and an asteroid

Science news this week: A giant gator and a wobbly asteroid

Sept. 17, 2023: Our weekly roundup of the latest science in the news, as well as a few fascinating articles to keep you entertained over the weekend.


Voyager 2 took this image of Saturn on Aug. 11, 1981, when the spacecraft was 9.1 million miles from Earth.

Historic space photo of the week: Voyager 2 spies a storm on Saturn 42 years ago

With the ringed planet currently perfectly positioned for observation with a small telescope, relive Voyager 2’s landmark 1981 visit.




We see a grayish head and torso of an "alien" in a pillow-like box

‘This is complete nonsense’: Scientists rail against ‘alien’ bodies shown before Mexican congress

Scientists blast claims of two ‘alien’ bodies that a journalist presented to Mexico’s congress.


Photograph of an aerial view of an archaeological site and an excavated steel structure.

No one ‘expected to find what we did’: 4,000-year-old Canaanite arch in Israel may have been used by cult

Archeologists discovered the mysterious arch at the end of a narrow, underground passageway that was sealed with sediment shortly after it was built in the Middle Bronze Age.




Mother teaching her son to drive a bike.

How accurate are our first childhood memories?

Can we trust our earliest memories, or are they unreliable?


Mizuno Wave Rider 27

Mizuno Wave Rider 27 running shoe review

REVIEW With comfort at their core, the Mizuno Wave Rider 27 are perfect running shoes for churning out the easy miles, particularly over the cooler months.


blood transfusion bags hang on a line in front of a woman in white coat

Blood transfusions might transfer proteins involved in brain hemorrhage — but it would be incredibly rare

The risk of a rare type of brain hemorrhage may be transmissible, though the absolute risk is very low.




Adolf Hitler (left) and Benito Mussolini (right) travel through Rome in an open top car in May 1938

Should we rename the Hitler beetle or the Mussolini butterfly? Scientists are shockingly divided.

Some scientists are pushing for species named after offensive people such as Hitler to be renamed, but the official governing body that guides species renaming is opposed.


A chimpanzee climbing a tree

Human elbows and shoulders evolved as ‘brakes’ for climbing ape ancestors

Researchers studied chimpanzee and monkey anatomy to better understand how humans evolved to have flexible shoulders and elbows.


heat cameras show a puma stalking a herd of sheep in the foreground

1st of its kind footage shows guard dogs saving sheep from puma attack on a pitch black mountain

The footage of a puma hunting sheep was captured with thermal imaging cameras in the Patagonian wilderness as part of a new National Geographic show.




Ryan Graves, executive director of Americans for Safe Aerospace, David Grusch, former National Reconnaissance Officer Representative of Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena Task Force at the U.S. Department of Defense, and Retired Navy Commander David Fravor take their seats as they arrive for a House Oversight Committee hearing titled "Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena: Implications on National Security, Public Safety, and Government Transparency" on Capitol Hill 26, 2023 in Washington, D.C. Several witnesses are testifying about their experience with possible UFO encounters and discussion about a potential covert government program concerning debris from crashed, non-human origin spacecraft.

How wealthy UFO fans helped fuel fringe beliefs

There is a long U.S. legacy of plutocrat-funded pseudoscience. Congress just embraced it.


A rock from Mars which looks like a face taken by the Viking 1 spacecraft

What is pareidolia?

Pareidolia is the phenomenon in which people see faces or other patterns in ambiguous images, such as Jesus on toast or the man in the moon.


Stressed teen suffering heat stroke on the beach.

Hot weather could boost aggression — but only in certain conditions

Under some circumstances, people may become more aggressive when they’re overheated. But other decision-making doesn’t seem to be affected.




An illustration of various star systems swirling through space, each with multiple planets

Mathematicians find 12,000 new solutions to ‘unsolvable’ 3-body problem

Calculating the way three things orbit each other is notoriously tricky — but a new study may reveal 12,000 new ways to make it work.


Four different weapon grade bulllets.

How fast is a bullet?

The answer depends on the design of the bullet and the gun, as well as on what happens once the bullet leaves the muzzle.


(Left) Atomic clocks in use at the NPL. (Right) the bullet cluster, a collision between two galaxies with a morphology that indicates the presence of dark matter

Unknown ultra-light particles linked to dark matter could be found using atomic clocks

The use of atomic clocks could help bring cosmology and astrophysics “down to Earth” by allowing scientists to investigate the mysteries of dark energy and dark matter in the lab.




A man holding the coffee filter full of spent coffee grounds. Coffee grounds can be recycled. The spent coffee grounds can be used to produce useful things.

Used coffee grounds make concrete 30% stronger

Used coffee grounds that are heat treated increase the compression strength of concrete.


A still of a slowed-down chemical reaction taken with a quantum computer

Scientists manipulate quantum mechanics to slow down a chemical reaction by 100 billion times

Using a quantum device, researchers have observed, for the first time, a molecular process called conical intersection that is important in reactions such as photosynthesis.


Manufacturing lithium ion batteries in battery research facility.

How do electric batteries work, and what affects their properties?

Electric vehicles use lithium ion batteries with small amounts of nickel, manganese and cobalt. How do they work and what chemistry affects their properties?




Beat Fit Pro

Beats Fit Pro review

REVIEW The Beats Fit Pro are the closest you’ll get to AirPods for workouts.


iPad Air M1

Is this the last M1 iPad Air discount?

DEAL Apple’s best student tablet is discounted again at B&H Photo.


Bose 700 UC headphones

Save $70 on these excellent Bose headphones

These Bose 700 UC headphones are discounted at B & H photos.