“Alleviating Paralysis with new brain-reading technologies.”

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Read: Alleviating paralysis with new brain-reading technologies

Busy scene at a train station. Pixabay

All Work And No Play Will Really Make A Dull Life – New Research Reveals

Decomposing organic matter

Below Brittle Blades: Science Poetry Friday!

River scene

Rivers Are Rapidly Warming, Losing Oxygen; Aquatic Life At Risk

Illustration of a woman's face, eyes closed, amid a digital swirl. Pixabay

AI May Outperform Most Humans At Creative Thinking Task

Virtual-Reality Tech Is Fast Becoming More Real

Brain and tumor illustration. Courtesy of

New Research Signals A Quantum Leap For Brain Tumour Treatment

Water content map on the surface of the Moon.

Electrons From Earth May Be Forming Water On The Moon

AI brain illustration

Evolution Wired Human Brains To Act Like Supercomputers

Bee flying mid-air

Pollination By More Than One Bee Species Improves Cherry Harvest

A simplified schema of the four waves of the US overdose mortality crisis. Waves 1 and 2 include deaths involving commonly prescribed opioids, and heroin, respectively, but excluding fentanyl co-involved deaths. Wave 3 and Wave 4 show fentanyl deaths not involving, and involving, stimulants respectively as distinct trends. Data from CDC WONDER.

The Fourth Wave Of The US Overdose Crisis: Fentanyl And Stimulants

New technology converts a component of natural gas, methane (left), to methanol (right), using the P450BM3 enzyme (middle, grey) with a decoy molecule (middle, colored). This method can be a cheap and effective mean of reducing the carbon footprint of natural gas.

Reducing The Carbon Footprint Of Methane By Converting It Into Methanol With A New Enzyme

Pixabay illustration of a heartbeat monitor

ChatGPT Performs As Well As Doctors For Suggesting The Most Likely Diagnoses In The Emergency Room


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