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NASA Mars Exploration at a Glance

September 2023

Animated GIF shows the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter with its blades spinning, taking off from the Mars surface and hovering in the air while spinning its body.

Rover’s-Eye View of Helicopter Flight Above Mars

During the historic 54th flight of the long-lived Ingenuity Mars Helicopter, the Perseverance rover was parked nearby capturing video of its robotic partner. See Ingenuity’s full flight as you would if you were on Mars.

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Image shows three workers in white "bunny suits“ in a clean room installing a gold, roughly cube-shaped instrument onto the chassis of the Perseverance rover, during its assembly. In the background, spectators look on from behind the glass windows of a viewing gallery.

Mission Accomplished: Mars Instrument Wraps Oxygen Experiment

The Perseverance rover has hit another milestone by completing experiments with its MOXIE instrument, which generates oxygen from the Martian atmosphere. The instrument’s success helps pave the way for future astronauts to “live off the land” on Mars.

Read More | Hear MOXIE in Action

Image shows a closeup view of preserved, ancient mud cracks on the reddish-brown Martian surface.

Ancient Mud Cracks Surprise Mars Scientists

Newly published research indicates that cracks on the Mars surface could have provided conditions favorable to microbial life.

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Three-panel image shows tests for the Mars Sample Return Lander's "shoes “ and landing gear, and an illustration of the lander, Perseverance rover, Mars Ascent vehicle, and orbiter on and above Mars.


Building a Robot’s Legs for Mars

Sturdy legs are needed to absorb the impact of what would be the heaviest spacecraft to ever touch down on Mars. The lander is part of an effort to bring Mars samples to Earth.

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Title card for a NASA video series features the text “Testing Mars Sample Return” over a concept illustration of a rover, lander, helicopter, rocket and orbiter at Mars.


Watch New Testing Videos on Mars Sample Return

A new video series highlights the testing of hardware that would one day bring to Earth the rock samples collected by the Perseverance rover.

Testing Landing Gear | Testing Footpads


Two Mars rocks with smooth faces lie in the Mars surface dust near one another in this Image of the Week chosen by the public.


Sea Creatures on Mars? Look Again

Some might see a shark fin or crab claw in this Image of the Week from the Perseverance rover. But there’s nothing fishy going on – just an example of the optical phenomenon known as “pareidolia.”

More Space Oddities | Image of the Week Gallery

In a satellite view of the surface of Mars, a yellow-orange marker identifies a spot near a crater with the words “Sample 19: Melyn” in white to the left.


Meet the Rover Rock Collection

What makes the Mars samples collected by the Perseverance rover so special? Hear from the mission’s science experts about what they they can teach us about Mars’ history – and potentially our own.

Watch Latest Video | Full Series | Sample Dashboard


Artwork showing two “Send Your Name to Mars” boarding passes with the planet Mars in the background.

Fly Your Name on a Future Mars Mission

Get your “boarding pass” and join more than 23 million people sending their names to Mars on a future NASA mission.

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This animated gif shows a person releasing a wound-up cardboard rover to move along the floor as part of a do-it-yourself educational activity.

Back to School, Mars Style

Add some Martian fun to school days with these educational activities for kids, parents, and teachers.

Mars Activities ›

Visitors to a museum gallery speak with a NASA engineer as she stands in front of a display featuring a full-scale model of the car-sized Mars Perseverance rover.

‘Roving With Perseverance’ Exhibit Now in Alabama

This traveling exhibit of NASA Mars rover models, accompanied by Mars team members, is open at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville. This is the latest stop for the ongoing road show.

Dates and Locations ›


Get the Latest Mars Updates 

Follow the adventures of the Mars rovers Perseverance and Curiosity, and the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter, via updates written by team members.

Perseverance rover shows the shadow of its camera “head” being cast on the dusty surface on Mars.
Black and white image taken by Ingenuity helicopter of the Mars surface with the helicopter's shadow.
Curiosity rover on Mars in a self portrait.

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