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Using the AstroSat spacecraft and the Neutron star Interior Composition Explorer (NICER) onboard the International Space Station (ISS), Indian astronomers have observed an X-ray binary known as GX 349+2. Results of the observational campaign, published May 24 on the arXiv preprint server, deliver important insights into the behavior and nature of this system.
Controlling mosquito populations, especially in isolated or remote areas, is a global public-health priority. In a new study, a team of Chinese researchers advanced this agenda with a more efficient design of safe, self-powered triboelectric nanogenerators (TENGs) to zap mosquitos and mitigate the mosquito-borne diseases.
Some foods and medicines, such as many COVID-19 vaccines, must be kept cold. As a step toward a robust, stable technique that could indicate when these products exceed safe limits, researchers in ACS Nano report a class of brilliantly colored microcrystals in materials that become colorless over a wide range of temperatures and response times. As a proof of concept, the team packaged the color-cha


In a new study, researchers have investigated how junk food affects sleep. Healthy participants consumed an unhealthier as well as a healthier diet in a randomized order. After the unhealthier diet, the quality of the participants’ deep sleep had deteriorated, compared with those who had followed the healthier diet.
Starting in the 1990s, Island Fox populations began to dwindle due to an outbreak of canine distemper and an increase in attacks by golden eagles. Some islands saw their population drop to as low as 15 individuals, but conservation efforts by the Federal government restored numbers by 2017. A new study reveals a worrying decrease in genetic diversity within the species, signaling a new threat to t

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