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“New York City may be sinking under its own weight because the buildings are too heavy….”

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May 22, 2023
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New York City may be sinking under its own weight because the buildings are too heavy, scientists warn
Alexander Spatari via Getty Images
Scientists estimate the mass of the 1,084,954 buildings within the five boroughs of New York City is 1.68 trillion pounds.
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1,100-year-old breastplate to ward off evil may contain the oldest Cyrillic writing ever found
Courtesy Ivailo Kanev
An inscription on an 1,100-year-old breastplate found in a ruined fortress in Bulgaria may contain one of the earliest known examples of Cyrillic text, researchers claim.
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James Webb Telescope finds evidence of 'celestial monster' stars the size of 10,000 suns lurking at the dawn of time
NASA Goddard
The James Webb Space Telescope has found key chemical fingerprints of supermassive stars just 440 million years after the Big Bang.
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Surprisingly-bad acting is key to jumping spider's survival
Hua Zeng
A tiny jumping spider’s imperfect ant impression lets it mimic multiple species, enabling it to live in various habitats.
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Watch an octopus waking up from what scientists think could have been a nightmare
Ramos et al
The male octopus was repeatedly filmed violently jolting awake from sleep and engaging in unusual activities, but exactly what prompted this odd behavior is unclear.
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Humongous, 100-foot-long dinosaur from Argentina is so big its fossils broke the road during transport
Sebastián Rozadilla
About 90 million years ago, a ginormous long-necked dinosaur measuring nearly 100 feet (30 meters) long lumbered through what is now Patagonia, Argentina.
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