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SciTechDaily Newsletter
The latest science, space, and technology news.

Bridging Quantum Theory and Relativity: Curved Spacetime in a Quantum Simulator
2023-05-20 11:39:04 +00:00
Gravitational Lens Effect,Quantum ParticlesNew techniques can answer questions that were previously inaccessible experimentally — including questions about the relationship between quantum mechanics and relativity. Scientists at TU Wien…
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Virtual AI Radiologist: ChatGPT Passes Radiology Board Exam
2023-05-20 12:59:06 +00:00
ChatGPT Pass Test GraduationThe most recent version of ChatGPT, an AI chatbot developed for language interpretation and response generation, has successfully passed a radiology board-style exam, demonstrating both…
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New Study: Tai Chi Could Help Prevent Cognitive Decline
2023-05-20 14:19:09 +00:00
Tai Chi BeachA multicenter randomized controlled trial has presented scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of Tai Chi Chuan as a beneficial therapy for older individuals with mild…
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Parkinson’s Warning: UCLA & Harvard Researchers Identify 10 Neurotoxic Pesticides
2023-05-20 15:39:01 +00:00
Spraying PesticideWith thousands of pesticides in use, the researchers’ new screening approach could make it easier to determine which ones are linked to the disease. Researchers…
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