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“Now the NFT scams are over, here’s how the tech will become a big part of your life.”

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Tuesday 10 January 2022

Now the NFT scams are over, here’s how the tech will become a big part of your life

The future of NFTs isn’t art but digital certificates.
Illustration of a pile of NFTs, represented by blue tablets

COVID-fighting chemicals identified in sea sponges and marine bacteria

The three compounds discovered are effective against several variants including Delta and Omicron.
Phorbas sp sea sponge

The intriguing new science of how HRT could help women

Why the government has been urged to make hormone replacement therapy (HRT) free for women in England.

A person holding a hormone replacement therapy patch to their stomach

CES 2023: The 10 gadgets that will change the future

CES 2023 is here, unveiling what the future of technology will look like.
Picture of the new foldable Lenovo tablet

Instant Genius Podcast: Holding the Universe in your hands, with Dr Kimberly Arcand

How astrophysics is moving beyond flat 2D images, and how you can get involved at home.
The Instant Genius logo
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