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Top Science News
December 26, 2022

Human brain illustration | (c) koya979 /

Blood Test for Alzheimer’s, Before Symptoms

Clouds above ocean | (c) Pavel Losevsky /

Harvesting Untapped Source of Freshwater

Planet Mars illustration | (c) revers_jr /

Giant Mantle Plume On Mars

Modern-day cat | (c) DenisNata /

First-Ever Domestication of Cats

 Researchers can detect ‘toxic’ small aggregates of a particular protein in the blood of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, as well as in …
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Health News
December 26, 2022

‘Gelbots’ to Crawl Through People to Deliver …

Smartphones Not the Best Way to Calm Preschoolers

CRISPR Tech May Help With Huntington’s

Cellular ‘Glue’ to Regrow Nerves

 Researchers have engineered molecules that act like ‘cellular glue,’ allowing them to direct in precise fashion how cells bond with each other. The discovery represents a major step toward building …
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Physical/Tech News
December 26, 2022

Gamma-Ray Bursts’ Hidden Energy

Winged Robot Can Land Like a Bird

Previously Shrouded Newborn Stars Revealed

Light from Outside Our Galaxy Surprisingly Bright

 Scientists analyzed new measurements showing that the light emitted by stars outside our galaxy is two to three times brighter than the light from known populations of galaxies, challenging …
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Environment News
December 26, 2022

Giant Extinct Marine Reptile Graveyard

Dinosaur Success Story: Climate Change

Wood-Eating Clams Use Their Feces to Dominate

Attila’s Huns Attack On Roman Empire: Drought

 Hunnic peoples migrated westward across Eurasia, switched between farming and herding, and became violent raiders in response to severe drought in …
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Society/Education News
December 26, 2022

Americans Flocking to Fire

Traditional ‘Good Fire’ May Cut Megafires

Genetic Links Between Traits Often Overstated

No Sign of Decrease in Global CO2 Emissions

 Global carbon emissions in 2022 remain at record levels — with no sign of the decrease that is urgently needed to limit warming to 1.5°C, according to the Global Carbon Project science …
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