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How Mars rock samples would return to Earth someday.

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NASA Mars Exploration at a Glance

December 2022

Still image from video shows a low-angle, illustrated view of a four-legged robotic lander on the surface of Mars. In the distance, the Mars Perseverance rover looks on, having delivered sample tubes to the lander. Distant hills dominate the far horizon.


How Samples Would Return to Earth Someday

The Perseverance rover is collecting and storing Mars samples, but how will they return to Earth for lab analysis? This new video depicts the intricate acrobats planned for a future multi-spacecraft sample return campaign.

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Wide-angle photo from NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover looks out from underneath the front of the rover at a section of flat, reddish-brown bedrock on a dusty, rocky plain on Mars. Part of the rover’s left front wheel is visible at the lower left.

Perseverance Rover Heads to New Lands

“Yori Pass” is a great place to search for organics and signs of past microbial life, because it has sandstone and fine grains laid down by water long ago.

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Illustration shows NASA’s Curiosity rover on Mars, with its camera mast looking toward the viewer. In the background, wheel tracks it has made in the surface recede toward brownish-red scalloped mountains, and a pinkish orange sky with wispy clouds.


The Power of the Rovers

Since Mars has no gas stations or charging stations, how do our rovers keep on going? Find out from some expert team members.

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Illustration of a reddish Martian landscape dotted with small rocks, with superimposed silhouettes of a snowman in a top hat and two people dressed in warm winter clothes.


Personalize Your Greeting Cards

Looking for a unique photo for a holiday card, with you, your family, even your pets… on Mars? Check out the free photo options awaiting your image upload.

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Jennifer Trosper, Mars Perseverance project manager, leads rover team members at JPL in a round of applause for students who were honored through the “You’ve Got Perseverance” campaign for overcoming obstacles in pursuit of their educational goals.

NASA Selects New ‘You’ve Got Perseverance’ Awardees

20 students who have overcome academic challenges are being honored with a personal message from the Perseverance rover and a Dec. 6 virtual meetup with team members.

Nominate a Student | Latest Awardees

Photo show a full-scale (car-sized) model of NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover installed in a museum gallery with an orange wall behind it and a Mars landscape on the wall next to it. In front of the rover is a plinth on which rests a full-scale model of the smaller Ingenuity Mars Helicopter.

Latest Rover Tour Stop: New Mexico

NASA’s new exhibit in Albuquerque, part of the “Roving With Perseverance” tour, brings life-sized Perseverance rover and Ingenuity helicopter models to the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science.

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Illustration titled SEND YOUR NAME TO MARS at the top shows reddish Mars in the background, with a sample boarding pass in front that includes a bar code, and a blank first name and last name and other items typically found on a boarding pass.

Looking for Gift Ideas? Send Family Names to Mars

When you sign up to send names to Mars, you will get a personalized digital boarding pass for NASA’s next mission to Mars.

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Illustration shows the Mars InSight lander on the reddish-golden Mars soil, with a shadow of its solar panels, and a lighter brownish horizon in the background. In front of the lander, two science instruments rest on the ground, each tethered to main body of the spacecraft.

Send Greetings to the InSight Team as the Mission Winds Down

The Mars InSight team is keeping close watch on the lander’s power supply and activities during its waning days, after four years of studies on Mars. In the meantime, you can send a greeting to InSight’s team via digital postcard.

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Perseverance rover shows the shadow of its camera “head” being cast on the dusty surface on Mars.
Ingenuity Mars Helicopter with its shadow on Mars.
Curiosity rover on Mars in a self portrait.

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