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“There’s more magma under Yellowstone than we thought–but don’t panic.

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There’s more magma under Yellowstone than we thought—but don’t panic

In a corner of Yellowstone National Park in northwestern Wyoming, lies the Yellowstone Caldera, a crater situated over Yellowstone’s super volcano. The volcano has produced three Earth-shattering eruptions over the past 2.1 million years, with the most recent occuring about 640,000 years ago. The caldera is about 30 by 45 miles wide.
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Why you should build a swing for your chickens

Your birds will absolutely love this project.
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As belugas disappear, so does irreplaceable cultural knowledge

Belugas pass cultural knowledge across generations.


COVID-19 vaccines are still essential in preventing death in children and teens

A large study out of Argentina is reinforcing the call to ensure children are vaccinated against COVID-19 to prevent death. The study published today in The British Medical Journal finds that the vaccines remain effective in preventing death in adolescents and children, regardless of which variants are predominant (Delta, Omicron, etc.).
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