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    Video caption: Braintree electric car forecourt a UK first

    Up to 36 cars can be recharged at the same time at the first purpose-built site of its kind.

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    Video caption: Coin for Space Oddity singer Bowie heads for the stars

    The silver coin orbited the earth for 45 minutes as part of its flight.

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    Video caption: North Tyneside golfers joined by wallaby on course

    The RSPCA says many of the animals are found in Britain after escaping from captivity.

  4. ‘VIP’ seal rescued off the Isles of Scilly

    Rebecca Thorn

    BBC News

    Seal on ferry deck

    A malnourished seal has been transported to a special sanctuary in Cornwall after washing up on the Isles of Scilly.

    The seal, called Cloudesley Shovell, was found on Porthcressa beach on St Mary’s with an eye infection and in need of food, the Isles of Scilly Travel said.

    The company said it had welcomed the “VIP passenger” aboard one of its ferries on Sunday for “some TLC at the Seal Sanctuary in Gweek”.

    One of its crew members captured Cloudesley “sunbathing on deck” ahead of his treatment.

    Seal lying on deck of ferry
  5. Neanderthals (Radio Edit)

    Video content

    Video caption: Greg Jenner and his guests take us way back in time to meet the Neanderthals.

    Greg Jenner is joined by the brilliant comedian Tim Minchin and Palaeolithic archaeologist Dr Becky Wragg Sykes as they head back in time to meet the Neanderthals.

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    Video caption: Wild weather: How could climate change affect heavy rain in the UK?

    The Wingfields’ home in South Yorkshire has only just recovered after floods in 2019.

  7. sheep

    By Douglas Fraser

    Business and economy editor, Scotland

    Even with a tariff-free deal, there will be high extra costs for animal produce going from the UK to Europe.

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    Video caption: Are angel sharks living in waters around Wales?

    Tests could show if Wales is a hotspot for the critically-endangered species.

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    Video caption: Hayabusa-2: Japan asteroid sample lands safely on Earth

    Material from a space rock called Ryugu could provide an ”exciting key” to the origins of the Solar System.

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