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      Video caption: Ariel: A space telescope to study distant worlds

      The Ariel space telescope, which will study the atmospheres of distant worlds, has the green light to proceed.

  1. Feathers fly in vote rigging scandal

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    Video caption: 1,500 votes for the Little Spotted Kiwi were all traced to the same IP address in Auckland

    The Little Spotted Kiwi shot into the lead in New Zealand’s annual Bird of the Year competition – until 1,500 votes were all traced back to the same IP address in Auckland

  2. Forestry Commission ‘learns lessons’ in tree planting row

    The Forestry Commission says lessons will be learned after it gave permission for trees to be planted on vulnerable peatland near Penrith.

    Conservationists, including the wildlife trust, have reacted angrily saying the land at Berrier should be restored as soon as possible and the trees removed.

    Ditch and baby trees

    The Commission says it recognises the need to preserve and protect important habitats, and it gave consent based on the evidence it had been given about the site.

    Stephen Trotter, from the Cumbria Wildlife Trust, says that peat locks up carbon that might oterwise start to contribute to climate change.

    Quote Message: By ploughing the peat to plant trees we’re allowing the water to drain out of it and as soon as the water table lowers, the bacteria and the fungi start to grow and we lose the carbon back into the atmosphere.” from Stephen Trotter

    Stephen Trotter
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    Video caption: Lunar loo wins Nasa junior prize for Altrincham schoolboys
  4. How critical is the weather for the SpaceX launch?

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    Video caption: How critical is the weather for the SpaceX launch?

    All eyes are on the skies ahead of Saturday’s launch of four astronauts to the International Space Station. Simon King reports.

  5. Inside the Zoo: Meet Brigadier Sir Nils Olav III

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    Video caption: Introducing the most famous penguin in the World
  6. Plants and Painting

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    Video caption: Educational programming for primary school pupils.

    Educational programming for primary school pupils. In today’s programme, everything you need to know about plants and how to paint like a famous artist.

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