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When algorithms compete, who wins? A question of personal security.

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When Algorithms Compete, Who Wins?

Posted: 31 Oct 2020 07:26 AM PDT

Companies like Netflix and Hulu compete for subscribers to make sure their businesses thrive. But there’s another type of competition at work that receives far less attention – the competition among the machine learning algorithms used by these kinds of competitor companies. James Zou, Stanford assistant professor of biomedical data science and an affiliated faculty member […]
Scientists launch quest to develop quantum sensors for probing quantum materials

Posted: 31 Oct 2020 07:25 AM PDT

When it comes to fully understanding the hidden secrets of quantum materials, it takes one to know one, scientists say: Only tools that also operate on quantum principles can get us there. A new Department of Energy research center will focus on developing those tools. Based at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the Center […]
Researchers develop a new way to create a spectrum of natural-looking hair colors

Posted: 31 Oct 2020 07:24 AM PDT

We’ve long been warned of the risks of dyeing hair at home and in salons. Products used can cause allergies and skin irritation — an estimated 1% of people have an allergy to dye. Furthermore, repeated use of some dyes has been linked to cancer. But there soon may be a solution for the growing […]
Touch and taste? It’s all in the suckers

Posted: 30 Oct 2020 03:57 PM PDT

Octopuses have captured the human imagination for centuries, inspiring sagas of sea monsters from Scandinavian kraken legends to TV’s “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea” and, most recently, Netflix’s less-threatening “My Octopus Teacher.” With their eight suction-cup covered arms, their very appearance is unique, and their ability to use those appendages to touch and […]
Asteroid’s Scars Tell Stories of its Past

Posted: 30 Oct 2020 03:55 PM PDT

By studying impact marks on the surface of asteroid Bennu – the target of NASA’s OSIRIS-REx mission – a team of researchers led by the University of Arizona has uncovered the asteroid’s past and revealed that despite forming hundreds of millions of years ago, Bennu wandered into Earth’s neighborhood only very recently. The study, published in the journal […]
Aprotinin a new drug candidate for the treatment of COVID-19

Posted: 30 Oct 2020 03:54 PM PDT

Researchers from the University of Kent, the Goethe-University in Frankfurt am Main (Germany), and the Hannover Medical School (Germany) have identified a drug with the potential to provide a treatment for COVID-19. The international team led by Professor Martin Michaelis, Dr Mark Wass (both School of Biosciences, University of Kent), and Professor Jindrich Cinatl (Institute […]
Individuals may legitimise hacking when angry with system or authority

Posted: 30 Oct 2020 03:52 PM PDT

University of Kent research has found that when individuals feel that a system or authority is unresponsive to their demands, they are more likely to legitimise hacker activity at an organisation’s expense. Individuals are more likely to experience anger when they believe that systems or authorities have overlooked pursuing justice on their behalf or listening […]

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