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Ancient canine DNA reveals diversity of Ice Age dogs.

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Microscopic tubes of gold could be used to treat cancer © Getty Images

The nanotubes are absorbed by cancer cells, then targeted with a laser that heats them up to kill the cell without damaging surrounding tissue.

Vampire bats 'social distance' out in the wild when feeling ill © Getty Images

Six hours after getting ill, a sick bat had associated on average with four fewer friends than its healthy counterpart.

Water discovered on the surface of the Moon could provide supplies for a lunar base ©PA News

The lunar water could prove to be a vital resource for future crewed missions, NASA says.

Ageing chimpanzees choose old friends over new connections © Getty Images

Much like humans, chimps’ friendships change over the course of their lifetime.

Nutrient found in tea, dark chocolate and apples could lower blood pressure © Getty Images

Scientists have found a significant association between the consumption of flavanol-rich foods, like apples, cocoa and nuts, and lower blood pressure.

The palm weevil a rusty red colour Weevil larvae can excavate holes in the trunk of a palm trees up to a metre long thereby weakening and eventually killing the host plant

The best bug photography from this year’s Luminar Bug Photographer of the Year

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