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A new look at Neanderthals: Dismantling simplistic views of our ancestors.

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Crows: Are They Scary Or Just Super Smart?

Dragan Todorovic/Getty Images

Randall Munroe's Absurd Scientific Advice For Real-World Problems

Riverhead Books

Randall Munroe’s Absurd Scientific Advice For Real-World Problems

Randall Munroe, the cartoonist behind the popular Internet comic xkcdfinds complicated solutions to simple, real-world problems. In the process, he reveals a lot about science and why the real world is sometimes even weirder than we expect. His latest book is called How To: Absurd Scientific Advice for Common Real-World Problems. (Encore episode.)

Quantum Mechanics For Beginners

Mark Garlick/Getty Images/Science Photo Libra


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