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Modern humans and Neanderthals arrived in Europe earlier than once thought.

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Top Science News
October 2, 2020

Illustration depicting | (c) (c) anibal / Adobe

Modern Humans, Neanderthals, in Europe Earlier

Plastic bottles and | (c) (c) vladimirzuev / Adobe

Plastic-Eating Enzyme ‘Cocktail’ Created

Early human scene, | (c) (c) ginettigino / Adobe

The Ancient Neanderthal Hand in Severe COVID-19

Inside a nuclear fusion | (c) (c) dani3315 / Adobe

Zero-Emissions Power: Fusion Reactor Design

 Modern humans arrived in westernmost Europe 41,000 to 38,000 years ago, about 5,000 years earlier than previously known, according to an …
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Health News
October 2, 2020

Hands raised to sunset, | (c) (c) ipopba / Adobe

Unconscious Learning Underlies Belief in God?

Person and shadow, | (c) (c) Jorm S / Adobe

Brain Circuit Damaged by Social Isolation

Diabetes diagnosis | (c) (c) Vitalii Vodolazskyi / Adobe

Artificial Pancreas for Type 1 Diabetes in Kids

Alzheimer's | (c) (c) vchalup / Adobe

Female Chromosomes: Resilience to Alzheimer’s

 Individuals who can unconsciously predict complex patterns, an ability called implicit pattern learning, are likely to hold stronger beliefs that there is a god who creates patterns of events in the …
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Physical/Tech News
October 2, 2020

Gravitational waves | (c) (c) grafonom / Adobe

Most Massive Gravitational-Wave Source Yet

Teide Observatory in | (c) (c) sotavento1000 / Adobe

Catching Magnetic Details of the Sun

This illustration shows | (c) NASA, ESA, and E. Wheatley

Giant Halo Around Andromeda Galaxy

Quantum computing | (c) (c) vchalup / Adobe

Cosmic Rays May Soon Stymie Quantum Computing

 Researchers have detected a signal from what may be the most massive black hole merger yet observed in gravitational waves. The product of the merger …
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Environment News
October 2, 2020

View of Planet Earth | (c) (c) tsuneomp / Adobe

Patterns in 66 Million Years of Earth’s Climate

Megalodon illustration | (c) (c) warpaintcobra / Adobe

True Size of Prehistoric Mega-Shark

African baobab tree | (c) (c) EcoView / Adobe

African Baobab: Genetics of Tree of Life

Planet Earth (stock | (c) (c) dell / Adobe

Earth May Have Always Been Wet

 Scientists have compiled a continuous, high-fidelity record of variations in Earth’s climate extending 66 million years into the past. The record …
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Society/Education News
October 2, 2020

Smiling friends (stock | (c) (c) fizkes / Adobe

Smiling Really Does Give You a Positive Outlook

Seismograph (stock | (c) (c) Anna / Adobe

Lockdown: Human-Linked Earth Vibrations Down

Illustration of people | (c) (c) Mopic / Adobe

World Population to Shrink After Mid-Century

Abstract concept | (c) (c) JEGAS RA / Adobe

Why Some Words More Memorable Than Others

 From Sinatra to Katy Perry, celebrities have long sung about the power of a smile — how it picks you up, changes your outlook, and generally makes you feel better. But is it all smoke and mirrors, …
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