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Highway pavement asphalt is a prime source of roadway air pollution.

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Motor vehicles one source of roadway air pollution – pavement asphalt is another, research reveals

Posted: 03 Sep 2020 10:02 AM PDT

The below Sept. 2, 2020 news release is from Yale University. Asphalt is a near-ubiquitous substance — it’s found in roads, on roofs and in driveways — but its chemical emissions rarely figure into urban air quality management plans. A new study finds that asphalt is a significant source of air pollutants in urban areas, […]

New wave of medical ‘deep tech’ can help coronavirus response – but there’s resistance

Posted: 03 Sep 2020 09:17 AM PDT

The development of new medical technologies based on cutting-edge discoveries has accelerated during the coronavirus pandemic and is helping us respond to the health crisis. But for these technologies to flourish, attitudes and scepticism among investors still need to change, say researchers and start-ups. ‘Deep tech’ describes companies working with technologies such as advanced material […]

Using Tattoo Ink to Find Cancer

Posted: 03 Sep 2020 08:39 AM PDT

The humble ink in a tattoo artist’s needle could be the key to improving the detection of cancer, thanks to new research from the USC Viterbi Department of Biomedical Engineering. WiSE Gabilan assistant professor in the department, Cristina Zavaleta and her team recently developed new imaging contrast agents using common dyes such as tattoo ink […]

The dangers of polypharmacy: Do you really need all of those medications?

Posted: 03 Sep 2020 08:38 AM PDT

You generally take more medications as you get older. The doctor prescribes a statin to lower cholesterol, a steroid spray for allergies, a proton pump inhibitor for reflux, and a painkiller for the knee that’s still sore after that running injury a few years back. But too many medications, sometimes referred to as polypharmacy, can […]

Reducing inequalities to save the planet

Posted: 03 Sep 2020 08:36 AM PDT

The economist and CNRS senior researcher Gaël Giraud offers a sobering assessment of the global trend towards privatisation and its dangers for the environment, along with a new perspective on the concept of common wealth. Several studies in recent years have highlighted the link between economic inequalities and environmental issues. In short, the greater the […]

Experimental vaccine that boosts antigen production shows promise against COVID-19

Posted: 03 Sep 2020 08:35 AM PDT

A bioengineering technique to boost production of specific proteins could be the basis of an effective vaccine against the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19, new research suggests. Scientists manipulated a natural cellular process to ramp up levels of two proteins used by the virus to infect other cells, packaged the protein-boosting instructions in nanoparticles and […]

Scientists discover new rules about “runaway” transcription

Posted: 03 Sep 2020 08:34 AM PDT

On the evolutionary tree, humans diverged from yeast roughly 1 billion years ago. By comparison, two seemingly similar species of bacteria, Escherichia coli and Bacillus subtilis, have been evolving apart for roughly twice as long. In other words, walking, talking bipeds are closer on the tree of life to single-celled fungi than these two bacteria are to one […]

Studies: E-cigarettes Don’t Help Smokers Quit and They May Become Addicted to Vaping

Posted: 03 Sep 2020 08:33 AM PDT

E-cigarettes are now the most popular product used for smoking cessation in the United States, ahead of all U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved cessation aids combined, from nicotine patches and gum to prescription medications. However, two recently published analyses of a large nationally representative longitudinal study report that e-cigarettes are not effective in helping […]

Scripps Receives NOAA Award to Study Clouds, One of the Largest Uncertainties in Climate Change

Posted: 03 Sep 2020 08:32 AM PDT

Scientists at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego have received an award from the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to study low cloud “hot-spots,” one of the largest uncertainties in climate change models and predictions. The project will be led by Scripps Oceanography climate scientists Nicholas Lutsko and Joel […]

New tool allows researchers to predict key functional sites in proteins

Posted: 03 Sep 2020 08:31 AM PDT

A new technology that uses a protein’s structure to predict the inner wiring that controls the protein’s function and dynamics is now available for scientists to utilize. The tool, developed by researchers at Penn State, may be useful for protein engineering and drug design. Nikolay Dokholyan, professor of pharmacology at Penn State College of Medicine, and […]

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