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Astronomers find Giant Halo around the Andromeda Galaxy.

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Top Science News
August 31, 2020

This illustration shows | (c) NASA, ESA, and E. Wheatley

Giant Halo Around Andromeda Galaxy

Planet Earth (stock | (c) (c) dell / Adobe

Earth May Have Always Been Wet

Doctor writing word | (c) (c) Michail Petrov / Adobe

Transplanted Brown-Fat-Like Cells for Obesity

Quartz (stock | (c) (c) ala / Adobe

Meteorite Strikes: Unexpected Form of Silica

 New research examining the crystal structure of the silica mineral quartz under shock compression is challenging longstanding assumptions about this ubiquitous …
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Health News
August 31, 2020

Gut bacteria | (c) (c) nobeastsofierce / Adobe

Gut Bacteria Can Enhance Immunotherapy

Vaccine injection photo | (c) (c) terovesalainen / Adobe

Why Seasonal Flu Shots Don’t ‘Stick’ Long-Term

Mouse on exercise wheel | (c) (c) Emilia Stasiak / Adobe

Loss of Enzyme Boosts Fat Metabolism in Mice

Smiling friends (stock | (c) (c) fizkes / Adobe

Smiling Really Does Give You a Positive Outlook

 From Sinatra to Katy Perry, celebrities have long sung about the power of a smile — how it picks you up, changes your outlook, and generally makes you feel better. But is it all smoke and mirrors, …
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Physical/Tech News
August 31, 2020

Greenland fjord (stock | (c) (c) Di / Adobe

Greenland Ice Sheet Passes Point of No Return

Carbon dioxide molecules | (c) (c) Ted Reinhard / Adobe

New Catalyst for Reduction of Carbon Dioxide

Schrödinger's cat | (c) (c) Katerina Pavlichenko / Adobe

Quantum Researchers Create Error-Correcting Cat

Astronomers using ALMA, | (c) ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO), Rizzo et

Most Distant Milky Way Look-Alike

 Astronomers using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) have revealed an extremely distant and therefore very young galaxy that looks surprisingly like our Milky Way. The galaxy is …
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Environment News
August 31, 2020

Woolly rhinoceros | (c) (c) auntspray / Adobe

Woolly Rhinos Went Extinct Due to Climate Change

Maize seedling (stock | (c) (c) lamyai / Adobe

Photosynthetic Hacks Can Boost Crop Yield

Iceberg in Greenland | (c) (c) mikhail79spb / Adobe

Complete Loss of Arctic Sea-Ice by 2035

Volcanic eruption (stock | (c) (c) Eva Kali / Adobe

Cooling Caused by Eruptions, Not Meteors

 Ancient sediment found in a central Texas cave appears to solve the mystery of why the Earth cooled suddenly about 13,000 years …
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Society/Education News
August 31, 2020

Seismograph (stock | (c) (c) Anna / Adobe

Lockdown: Human-Linked Earth Vibrations Down

Illustration of people | (c) (c) Mopic / Adobe

World Population to Shrink After Mid-Century

Abstract concept | (c) (c) JEGAS RA / Adobe

Why Some Words More Memorable Than Others

Epigenetics concept | (c) (c) hafakot / Adobe

Neighborhood You Grew Up In and Gene Regulation

 An 18-year study of 2,000 children born in England and Wales found that young adults raised in communities marked by more economic deprivation, …
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