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Mauritius fishermen battle to save dozens of dolphins near oil spill.

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Mauritius fishermen battle to save dozens of dolphins near oil spill

Fishermen battled on Sunday to save dozens of injured dolphins washed ashore in Mauritius where in recent days at least 40 of the animals were found dead in a lagoon near the site of an oil spill from a Japanese bulk carrier which struck a coral reef.


Thousands protest in Mauritius over dead dolphins, demand resignations

Brazil’s Pantanal, world’s largest wetland, burns from above and below

Hundreds brave fast-flowing waters to swim across Danube River in Budapest

Afghanistan flash floods kill 160, search for bodies continues

Why California’s wildfire year could be the worst in decades

California may experience its worst year for wildfires in decades, climate experts say, pointing out that it has already battled two of the three largest blazes in its recorded history during an intense heatwave this month – even before the peak season begins.

Louisiana avoided Laura’s ‘wall of water’? Not so, says forecaster

The 20-foot high “unsurvivable” wall of water Hurricane Laura was forecast to send onto the Louisiana coast showed up despite widespread reports of a lower peak, authorities said on Friday, rejecting criticism that they had raised too much alarm.

Special Report: One Brazilian farmer tried – and failed – to ranch more responsibly in the Amazon

Mauro Lucio Costa wanted to do the right thing for the world’s largest rainforest.

Volunteers are new face of disaster recovery in United States

Travis Maher, a 46-year-old Texas firefighter, knew the drill on Monday when he was told to prepare for possible waterborne rescues and assess damages to homes caused by Hurricane Laura.

Brazil, reversing course, says will keep fighting Amazon deforestation

In a dramatic u-turn, Brazil’s Environment Ministry said on Friday it would continue to fight deforestation, reversing its position after saying hours earlier that it could not afford to continue enforcement efforts in the Amazon.

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