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Size matters in air pollution – but it’s not enough

Posted: 27 Jul 2020 09:01 AM PDT

by Rex Merrifield Current regulations on air pollution mainly focus on the mass of particles of a particular size range in a sample, and this has been used as a marker for their threat to human health. But these air quality standards do not address the medical implications of the very smallest particles – nor other […]
Vaginal ring for HIV prevention receives positive opinion from European regulator

Posted: 27 Jul 2020 07:15 AM PDT

A silicone vaginal ring identical to those used in the ASPIRE trial.Vaginal Ring Today the European Medicines Agency (EMA) announced it has adopted a positive scientific opinion on the dapivirine vaginal ring for use by cisgender women ages 18 and older in developing countries to reduce their risk of HIV infection. This milestone marks an […]
Researchers develop a method for predicting unprecedented events

Posted: 27 Jul 2020 07:14 AM PDT

A black swan event is a highly unlikely but massively consequential incident, such as the 2008 global recession and the loss of one-third of the world’s saiga antelope in a matter of days in 2015. Challenging the quintessentially unpredictable nature of black swan events, bioengineers at Stanford University are suggesting a method for forecasting these […]
Scientists discuss what makes big sustainability efforts stick

Posted: 27 Jul 2020 07:13 AM PDT

Humanity is on a road to more extinctions, shakier food supplies, longer droughts and more frequent spillovers of dangerous viruses from wildlife. A transition toward greater sustainability will require collaboration among public, private and civil society groups, according to Stanford University scientists who have combed through some of the biggest sustainability efforts from the past […]
Single cells have their own defenses against pathogens

Posted: 27 Jul 2020 07:09 AM PDT

In the fight against pathogens, most researchers have focused on the diverse immune system arsenal that protects people against infection. However, the lab of Yale microbiologist Jorge Galan explored an evolutionarily ancient defense system possessed by every individual cell in the body. In work published July 24th in the journal Science, Galan’s lab describes the role played […]
Video Game Teaches Productive Civil Discourse and Overcoming Tribalism

Posted: 27 Jul 2020 07:06 AM PDT

A Carnegie Mellon University researcher is proposing that students can learn to make their civil discourse more productive through an video game powered by artificial intelligence. The educational system targeted toward high schoolers adapts to students’ specific values and can be used to measure — and in some cases reduce — the impact of bias. […]
How mental math helps a lower back

Posted: 27 Jul 2020 07:04 AM PDT

Nearly everyone is familiar with the feeling of struggling through math problems. Now, researchers are figuring out how to get people with back pain to move more like people without it — using the diversion of mental math. K. Michael Rowley PhD ’18 is in the business of busting back pain with the brain. Rowley, an […]
Poem: Biology is not Physics

Posted: 27 Jul 2020 06:25 AM PDT

    You think the rule of physics must be strict, yet only in the aggregate do maths apply to living things. Their single paths take twists and turns that you cannot predict. Man’s thirst for knowledge never can be quenched while minds refuse to grant the role of mind that regulates the quantum. You […]

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