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Top Story:  The real reason behind goosebumps.

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Top Science News
July 21, 2020

Goosebumps, concept | Credit: (c) Tunatura /

The Real Reason Behind Goosebumps

Illustration of neurons | Credit: (c) onimate /

130 Mammals: Equal Brain Connectivity

Surface of Venus | Credit: (c) Supermurmel /

Volcanoes On Venus Are Still Active

Statue of Plato (stock | Credit: (c) anastasios71 /

Plato Was Right: Earth Made Basically of Cubes

 The ancient philosopher Plato posited the shapes of the building blocks of the universe. According to him, the earth was formed of cubes. Researchers now find a fundamental truth in that premise. …
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Health News
July 21, 2020

Coronavirus illustration | Credit: (c) dottedyeti /

Variant of COVID-19 Virus Dominates Globally

Brain with inscription | Credit: (c) iushakovsky /

How the Brain Organizes Information About Odors

Illustration of | Credit: (c) SciePro /

COVID-19: Hyperactivity in Blood-Clotting Cells

Coronavirus illustration | Credit: (c) dermatzke /

Shutting Down SARS-CoV-2 Polymerase Reaction

 Researchers have identified a library of molecules that shut down the SARS-CoV-2 polymerase reaction, a key step that establishes the potential of …
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Physical/Tech News
July 21, 2020

The Moon (stock | Credit: (c) David Woods /

Metal in Moon’s Craters: Insight Into Origin

Illustration of black | Credit: (c) vchalup /

To Find Giant Black Holes, Start With Jupiter

Very Large Telescope | Credit: (c) CPO /

Cosmic Mystery: Disappearance of a Massive Star

Sun's surface | Credit: (c) lukszczepanski /

Mystery of Solar Cycle Illuminated

 The sun’s convection zone plays a key role in the generation and evolution of the Sun’s magnetic field. Analyzing data sets spanning more than 20 years, researchers have obtained the most …
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Environment News
July 21, 2020

Prehistoric scene | Credit: (c) Kovalenko I /

Tiny Ancient Relative of Dinosaurs, Pterosaurs

Earth's magnetic | Credit: (c) koya979 /

How Does Earth Sustain Its Magnetic Field?

Illustration of Earth | Credit: (c) conceptcafe /

Extreme Warming of the South Pole

Glacier collapse (stock | Credit: (c) volki /

Global Warming Upends 6,500 Years of Cooling

 Over the past 150 years, global warming has more than undone the global cooling that occurred over the past six millennia, according to a major new …
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Society/Education News
July 21, 2020

Abstract concept | Credit: (c) JEGAS RA /

Why Some Words More Memorable Than Others

Epigenetics concept | Credit: (c) hafakot /

Neighborhood You Grew Up In and Gene Regulation

Senior walking in woods | Credit: (c) Stefan Körber /

Living Environment Key to Long Life

Aye-aye (stock | Credit: (c) javarman /

Human Activity: Vertebrate Evolutionary History

 A new study maps for the first time the evolutionary history of the world’s terrestrial vertebrates: amphibians, birds, mammals and reptiles. It explores how areas with large concentrations of …
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