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Top Story:  Variant of COVID-19 dominates globally.

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Top Science News
July 3, 2020

Coronavirus illustration | Credit: (c) dottedyeti /

Variant of COVID-19 Virus Dominates Globally

Brain with inscription | Credit: (c) iushakovsky /

How the Brain Organizes Information About Odors

The Moon (stock | Credit: (c) David Woods /

Metal in Moon’s Craters: Insight Into Origin

Illustration of Earth | Credit: (c) conceptcafe /

Extreme Warming of the South Pole

 The South Pole has been warming at more than three times the global average over the past 30 years, according to recent …
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Health News
July 3, 2020

Mouse on exercise wheel | Credit: (c) Emilia Stasiak /

Receptor Makes Mice Strong and Slim

Astrocytes illustration | Credit: (c) Kateryna_Kon /

One-Time Treatment Eliminates Parkinson’s: Mice

Bacteria illustration | Credit: (c) Paulista /

Driving Bacteria to Produce Potential Antibiotic

Epigenetics concept | Credit: (c) hafakot /

Neighborhood You Grew Up In and Gene Regulation

 An 18-year study of 2,000 children born in England and Wales found that young adults raised in communities marked by more economic deprivation, …
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Physical/Tech News
July 3, 2020

Black hole illustration | Credit: (c) unlimit3d /

Black Hole Collision: Exploding With Light

Planet and star | Credit: (c) martynan /

‘Baby’ Planet in Young Star System

Pluto illustration | Credit: (c) revers_jr /

Pluto May Have Liquid Ocean Beneath Icy Crust

Quantum computation | Credit: (c) Maksim Kabakou /

Teleportation: Step Toward Quantum Computing

 Researchers are exploring new ways of creating quantum-mechanical interactions between distant electrons. The research marks an important advance in quantum …
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Environment News
July 3, 2020

Sled dogs (stock | Credit: (c) murmakova /

Sled Dogs Like 9,500-Year-Old ‘Ancient Dog’

Leaves in sunlight | Credit: (c) Olivier Le Moal /

Why Are Plants Green?

Dolphins (stock | Credit: (c) Dmitry Kokh /

Dolphins Learn Foraging Skills from Peers

View of the volcanic | Credit: (c) eqroy /

How Water in the Deep Earth Triggers Quakes

 Scientists provide the first conclusive evidence directly linking deep Earth’s water cycle and its expressions with magmatic productivity and earthquake …
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Society/Education News
July 3, 2020

Senior walking in woods | Credit: (c) Stefan Körber /

Living Environment Key to Long Life

Aye-aye (stock | Credit: (c) javarman /

Human Activity: Vertebrate Evolutionary History

High temperature on | Credit: (c) nnudoo /

Potentially Fatal Combinations of Humidity, Heat

Beijing (stock | Credit: (c) Gang /

COVID-19 Lockdowns: Global Air Quality

 Levels of two major air pollutants have been drastically reduced since lockdowns began in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, but a secondary pollutant — ground-level ozone — has increased in China, …
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