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How Tear Gas Affects The Body

Roberto Schmidt/AFP via Getty Images

People Are Volunteering To Be Exposed To The Coronavirus...For Science

Koen Van Weel/ANP/AFP via Getty Images

Playing Favorites: When Kindness Toward Some Means Callousness Toward Others

Shankar Vedantam/NPR

Science Is For Everyone — Until It's Not

William J. Adams/Riverhead Books

Science Is For Everyone — Until It’s Not

Encore episode. Brandon Taylor’s story has a happy ending. Today he’s a successful writer whose debut novel ‘Real Life’ received glowing reviews earlier this year. But his success only underscores what science lost when Brandon walked away from a graduate biochemistry program in 2016. He tells host Maddie Sofia why he left, and what he misses.

#BlackBirdersWeek Seeks To Make The Great Outdoors Open To All

Chelsea Connor



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