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Top Science News
May 20, 2020

Illustration of | Credit: (c) Mike Mareen /

Hurricanes Are Getting Stronger, Study Shows

Neurons illustration | Credit: (c) /

‘Off-Switch’ for Pain Discovered in Brain

High temperature on | Credit: (c) nnudoo /

Potentially Fatal Combinations of Humidity, Heat

Beijing (stock | Credit: (c) Gang /

COVID-19 Lockdowns: Global Air Quality

 A new study has identified thousands of incidents of previously rare or unprecedented extreme heat/humidity combinations in parts of Asia, Africa, …
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Health News
May 20, 2020

Doctor, vitamin D | Credit: (c) Michail Petrov /

Vitamin D: Role in COVID-19 Mortality Rates

Illustration of | Credit: (c) /

Mutations in SARS-CoV-2: Virus Evolution Clues

SARS-CoV-2 concept | Credit: (c) pinkeyes /

Antibody Blocks SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Cells

Neuron illustration | Credit: (c) /

Spinal Cord and Optic Nerve Neurons Regenerated

 Each year thousands of patients face life-long losses in sensation and motor function from spinal cord injury and related conditions in which axons …
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Physical/Tech News
May 20, 2020

Mars illustration (stock | Credit: (c) grejak /

Organic Molecules in Martian Meteorites

Touch definition (stock | Credit: (c) TungCheung /

Mind-Controlled Arm Prostheses That ‘Feel’

Protoplanetary disk | Credit: (c) Mopic /

Rare Views of Planet-Forming Disks Around Stars

This image shows two | Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Precise Timing of a Black Hole Dance

 Scientists have finally figured out the precise timing of a complicated dance between two enormous black holes, revealing hidden details about the physical characteristics of these mysterious cosmic …
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Environment News
May 20, 2020

Microplastics in water | Credit: (c) dottedyeti /

Highest Level Ever of Microplastics On Seafloor

Butterfly against urban | Credit: (c) Bianilys /

Insects: Largest Study Finds Declines On Land

Common raven (stock | Credit: (c) tom /

How Birds Evolved Big Brains

Fruit bats (stock | Credit: (c) pawopa3336 /

Coronaviruses and Bats: Evolving Together

 Scientists compared the different kinds of coronaviruses living in 36 bat species from the western Indian Ocean and nearby areas of Africa. They found that different groups of bats have their own …
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Society/Education News
May 20, 2020

Carbon dioxide in air | Credit: (c) frenta /

Rising Carbon Dioxide May Impair Cognition

Decision, right, wrong | Credit: (c) 3D generator /

Decisions: People Often Rely of Gut Feeling

Fruit and vegetables in | Credit: (c) John /

Relying On ‘Local Food:’ Distant Dream for Most

Children and tablet | Credit: (c) Syda Productions /

Tech Not Hurting Kids’ Social Skills: Study

 Despite the time spent with smartphones and social media, young people today are just as socially skilled as those from the previous generation, a new study …
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