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Animal Roles: Beyond Food and Companionship. The Case of Heparin

Posted: 12 May 2020 06:14 AM PDT

Animals play varied and important roles in society. In times of crisis, like those we are living through now, their influence is more relevant and noticeable than ever. We are witnessing how eggs and poultry meat are flying off the shelves and how on average, meat consumption has skyrocketed. On the other hand, the lockdown […]
What We Can’t See Can Help Us Find Things

Posted: 12 May 2020 06:10 AM PDT

Anyone who’s ever tried to find something in a hurry knows how helpful it is to think about the lost item’s color, size and shape. But surprisingly, traits of an object that you can’t see also come into play during a search, Johns Hopkins University researchers found. When participants were asked to spot everyday objects […]
Combating black plague was just as much about politics as it was science

Posted: 12 May 2020 06:08 AM PDT

For Italians in the 14th-century, the bubonic plague at first seemed extraordinary but its repeated return made it so much a part of daily life that it became an economic annoyance and an administrative problem to resolve, and eventually led to advances in medicine and public health, according to Stanford historian and scholar of Renaissance […]
Using graphics to communicate health risks

Posted: 12 May 2020 06:03 AM PDT

In the midst of COVID-19, the general public continues to search for digestible information related to the pandemic. New research from the University of Nevada, Reno College of Business suggests that the public may respond better to information presented in graphic versus numeric formats. According to the researchers, the brain processes visual information faster than […]
Emergency departments slow to adopt proven opioid use disorder therapy

Posted: 12 May 2020 05:50 AM PDT

A new study by Yale researchers looking at nearly 400 clinicians at four urban academic emergency departments found that, despite scientific evidence supporting the benefits of buprenorphine for opioid use disorder, just 21% of emergency department clinicians indicated readiness to offer it to patients in need. The study, which appears in the May 11 issue of […]
Slivers of land could power cheaper, greener nitrogen fertilizers

Posted: 12 May 2020 05:49 AM PDT

Nitrogen-based fertilizer contributes to the high yields expected from crops in the developed world, but its high use also damages nearby waters and ecosystems. Conversely, developing countries that most need yield improvements face bottlenecks in getting those fertilizers because of high costs and low crop prices. Purdue University scientists, led by Nick Carpita, a professor in […]
Hammerhead fins in Hong Kong traced mainly to Eastern Pacific

Posted: 12 May 2020 05:47 AM PDT

For the first time, researchers have traced the origins of shark fins from the retail market in Hong Kong back to the location where the sharks were first caught. This will allow them to identify “high-risk” supply chains for illegal trade and better enforce international trade regulations. FIU Marine Scientist Demian Chapman led a team […]
Researchers find Bitcoin’s Lightning network susceptible to cyberattacks

Posted: 12 May 2020 05:46 AM PDT

Bitcoin, the decentralized digital currency without a central bank, saw a decline in price due to COVID-19. After announcements of travel restrictions, the price plummeted from $8,000 to $3,800 in one day, according to a report by CryptoCompare. Despite the crash, people haven’t lost interest in Bitcoin. Forbes reported that Americans are using their stimulus checks to buy […]
Wastewater may help predict the next COVID-19 outbreak

Posted: 12 May 2020 05:44 AM PDT

The secret to predicting viral outbreaks like COVID-19 might be in our sewers. A Michigan State University researcher is spearheading a study to determine if viral outbreaks can be identified and forecasted through wastewater sampling. Funded by the Great Lakes Water Authority, MSU’s Irene Xagoraraki is using a method from one of her recently completed […]
COVID-19 Canine Scent Detection Study

Posted: 12 May 2020 05:40 AM PDT

A pilot training program using scent detection dogs to discriminate between samples from COVID-19 positive and COVID-19 negative patients is the focus of a new research initiative at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine (Penn Vet).With up to 300 million smell receptors—compared to six million in humans—dogs are uniquely positioned to aid in […

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