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Found: Neural circuit that drives physical responses to emotional stress

Posted: 04 May 2020 08:02 AM PDT

Researchers at Nagoya University have discovered a neural circuit that drives physical responses to emotional stress. The circuit begins in deep brain areas, called the dorsal peduncular cortex and the dorsal tenia tecta (DP/DTT), that send stress signals to the hypothalamus, a small region in the brain that controls the body’s vital functions. The findings […]
Last supper: Fish use barbs and spines to fight off hungry seals

Posted: 04 May 2020 06:37 AM PDT

What price are you willing to pay for food? As humans, we face this challenge each time we shop, but for some seals and dolphins this may be a life or death decision. Modern medical scanning reveals the steep price some marine mammals are willing to pay for food, after a stranded fur seal was […]
Exercise boosts motor skill learning via changes in brain’s transmitters

Posted: 04 May 2020 06:34 AM PDT

Doctors have relentlessly impressed upon us the many benefits of exercise. Energy, mood, sleep and motor skills all improve with a regular fitness regimen that includes activities such as running. This has become of particular interest in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. But what happens in the brain during these improved states of health? […]
Graphs to Help plan Deconfinement

Posted: 04 May 2020 06:18 AM PDT

The computer scientist Claire Mathieu explains how graph theory can help model the propagation of Covid-19, and assess the relevance of several confinement scenarios. You are proposing to use tools from graph theory to study the propagation of Covid-19. How did this project come to life, and what are its objectives? Claire Mathieu: the CNRS management […]
World War II’s contradictory lessons

Posted: 04 May 2020 06:17 AM PDT

World War II provided two contradictory lessons: war must be avoided at all costs and democracies must resist aggression, says Stanford historian James J. Sheehan. On the 75th anniversary of “Victory in Europe Day” – the day when people from across the world celebrated the acceptance of Nazi Germany’s unconditional surrender to the Allied forces of […]
Juno Lifts Jupiter’s Veil

Posted: 04 May 2020 06:13 AM PDT

The Juno spacecraft has been in orbit around Jupiter for nearly four years, shedding light on the dynamics and internal structure of the gas giant. CNRS News takes a look at the first results from the mission, which was initially planned to last 18 months but may now be extended until 2026. Juno has now […]
Magnetic pulses alter salmon’s orientation, suggesting they navigate via magnetite in their tissue

Posted: 04 May 2020 06:06 AM PDT

Researchers in Oregon State University’s College of Agricultural Sciences have taken a step closer to solving one of nature’s most remarkable mysteries: How do salmon, when it’s time to spawn, find their way back from distant ocean locations to the stream where they hatched? A new study into the life cycle of salmon, involving magnetic […]
Q and A: The sound of your voice could help fight Covid-19

Posted: 04 May 2020 04:33 AM PDT

A recording of a cough, the noise of a person’s breathing or even the sound of their voice could be used to help diagnose patients with Covid-19 in the future, according to Professor Cecilia Mascolo, an expert in mobile health at data analysis at the University of Cambridge, UK. Prof. Mascolo has developed a sound-collecting […]

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