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Electronics & Semiconductors

A 3-D memristor-based circuit for brain-inspired computing

Researchers at the University of Massachusetts and the Air Force Research Laboratory Information Directorate have recently created a 3-D computing circuit that could be used to map and implement complex machine learning algorithms, …


A system to reproduce different animal locomotion skills in robots

Researchers at Google Research and the University of California, Berkeley, have recently developed an imitation learning system that could enable a variety of agile locomotion behaviors in robots. Their technique, presented …

Looking for dark matter with the Universe’s coldest material

Scientists have been able to observe the universe and determine that about 80% of the its mass appears to be “dark matter,” which exerts a gravitational pull but does not interact with light, and thus can’t be seen with telescopes. …

Sustainable structural material for plastic substitute

Plastic gives us a lightweight, strong and inexpensive material to use, but it has also caused the plastic apocalypse. Much of the unrecycled plastic waste ends up in the ocean, Earth’s last sink. Broken down by waves, sunlight …

Parkinson’s dyskinesia mechanism explained

Many people with Parkinson’s disease eventually develop debilitating movements called dyskinesia, a side effect of their much-needed dopamine replacement medication. The mechanism underlying this unwanted side effect has …


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 Medical Xpress

Parkinson’s & Movement disorders
Parkinson’s dyskinesia mechanism explained
Psychology & Psychiatry
Seeing is conceiving
Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes
FDA allows emergency use of drug for coronavirus

 Tech Xplore

Raspberry Pi unveils $50 interchangeable-lens camera board

Raspberry Pi’s new high quality camera doesn’t sport a fancy name—it’s actually called “High Quality Camera”—but it packs some new features do-it-yourselfers are sure to enjoy, and it’s being offered at Raspberry’s typical …

AI program writes music and lyrics

The Rolling Stones summed up popular music in a simple phrase and title in their Eighties hit “It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll.”

Ocean acidification prediction now possible years in advance

CU Boulder researchers have developed a method that could enable scientists to accurately forecast ocean acidity up to five years in advance. This would enable fisheries and communities that depend on seafood negatively affected …

Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 infects cells of the intestine

Researchers from the Hubrecht Institute in Utrecht, Erasmus MC University Medical Center Rotterdam, and Maastricht University in the Netherlands have found that the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19, can infect …

Rubies on sapphire: Recipe for making crystals in flux

Crystals can be made artificially but a lot of energy is used to melt the ingredients together, and this can make them expensive. This problem can be overcome by using appropriate solvents. Called the flux method, crystals …

Stopping deforestation: lessons from Colombia

A study of deforestation in Colombia by researchers from The University of Queensland has revealed some valuable insights which could be used to help slow deforestation in areas around the globe.

DNA damage and faulty repair jointly cause mutations

Researchers at EMBL’s European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI), the University of Dundee and the Wellcome Sanger Institute analysed over 2700 genomes from C. elegans worms in order to better understand the causes of mutations. …

Study discovers how primordial bacteria adapted to arsenic

If you could borrow H.G. Wells’ time machine and travel back three billion years, it would take your breath away, literally. There was no oxygen in the air. You wouldn’t be able to breathe.

Nanostimulators boost stem cells for muscle repair

In regenerative medicine, an ideal treatment for patients whose muscles are damaged from lack of oxygen would be to invigorate them with an injection of their own stem cells.

Red light for stress: A color-changing organic crystal

Researchers at the Institute of Industrial Science, part of The University of Tokyo, and Yokohama City University have introduced novel color-changing organic crystals that spontaneously return to their original shape and …

Risky business: Courtship movements put katydids in danger

Reproduction can be risky. In the case of katydids, some hunting bats eavesdrop on male mating calls to locate the insects, but little is known about the risk to mates as they move toward each other. A recent study by scientists …

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