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Top Story:  Loners help society survive.

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Loners help society survive

Posted: 18 Mar 2020 04:50 PM PDT

It isn’t easy being a loner — someone who resists the pull of the crowd, who marches to their own drummer. But loners exist across the natural world, and they might just serve a purpose, said Corina Tarnita, an associate professor of ecology and evolutionary biology. She ticked off examples of loners who sit out their […]
New research unpicks root causes of separation anxiety in dogs

Posted: 18 Mar 2020 04:47 PM PDT

Separation anxiety in dogs should be seen as a symptom of underlying frustrations rather than a diagnosis, and understanding these root causes could be key to effective treatment, new research by animal behaviour specialists suggests. Many pet owners experience problem behaviour in their dogs when leaving them at home. These behaviours can include destruction of […]
Alzheimer’s disease: Inflammation triggers fatal cycle

Posted: 18 Mar 2020 04:45 PM PDT

An immune reaction in the brain seems to play a major role in the development of Alzheimer’s disease. In a way, it “adds fuel to the fire” and apparently causes an inflammation that, in a sense, keeps kindling itself. The study has now been published in the journal Cell Reports. Alzheimer’s disease is characterized by clumps […]

Posted: 18 Mar 2020 04:44 PM PDT

This scene of stellar creation, captured by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, sits near the outskirts of the famous Tarantula Nebula. This cloud of gas and dust, as well as the many young and massive stars surrounding it, is the perfect laboratory to study the origin of massive stars. The bright pink cloud and the […]
Bad sleep habits can depress teens

Posted: 18 Mar 2020 04:42 PM PDT

Nagging negative thoughts – and striving for perfection – keep teenagers awake at night, raising their chance of becoming depressed and anxious, a new study shows. An online study of almost 400 adolescents aged 14 to 20 years confirmed the link, leading sleep researchers at Flinders University to recommend alternative treatments for repetitive negative thinking […]
Radiation damage spreads among close neighbors

Posted: 18 Mar 2020 04:40 PM PDT

A single x-ray can unravel an enormous molecule, physicists report in the March 17 issue of Physical Review Letters. Their findings could lead to safer medical imaging and a more nuanced understanding of the electronics of heavy metals. Medical imaging techniques such as MRIs use heavy metals from the bottom of the periodic table as “dyes” […]
Mathematicians develop new theory to explain real-world randomness

Posted: 18 Mar 2020 04:36 PM PDT

Brownian motion describes the random movement of particles in fluids, however, this revolutionary model only works when a fluid is static, or at equilibrium. In real-life environments, fluids often contain particles that move by themselves, such as tiny swimming microorganisms. These self-propelled swimmers can cause movement or stirring in the fluid, which drives it away […]
To reap heart benefits of a plant-based diet, avoid junk food

Posted: 18 Mar 2020 04:34 PM PDT

Plant-based diets are becoming more popular in many areas of the world, but the health benefits of this dietary pattern may depend largely on the specific foods consumed. A new study being presented at the American College of Cardiology’s Annual Scientific Session Together with World Congress of Cardiology (ACC.20/WCC) suggests that people following a plant-based […]
It’s time to bear down when polluted air becomes too much to bear

Posted: 18 Mar 2020 04:30 PM PDT

There are many times in many places throughout the world where air is quite problematic. Air pollution, moreover, based on World Health Organization estimates has been named a contributing factor in 7 million annual premature deaths. It is by no means a pretty picture. It is common knowledge that one manifestation of a substantially warming […]
‘Fatal attraction’: Small carnivores drawn to kill sites, then ambushed by larger kin

Posted: 18 Mar 2020 04:28 PM PDT

In many parts of the world, there is an imbalance in the food chain. Without top predators such as wolves and grizzly bears, smaller meat-eating animals like coyotes and foxes or grazers such as deer and elk can balloon in population, unchecked. This can initiate more deer-vehicle collisions, scavenging by urban coyotes and other unnatural […]

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