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The ‘Monday effect’ is real — and it’s impacting your amazon package delivery

Posted: 02 Mar 2020 06:17 AM PST

The “Monday Effect” is real – and it’s impacting your Amazon package delivery. So says researcher Oliver Yao, a professor of decision and technology analytics in Lehigh University’s College of Business. He’s found that the “Monday Effect” – that letdown of returning to work after a weekend, which is documented to impact finance, productivity and psychology […]
Why is an empty shampoo bottle so easy to knock over?

Posted: 02 Mar 2020 06:15 AM PST

It becomes annoyingly easy to knock over a shampoo bottle when it’s nearly empty. This is an easily observed and curiosity-provoking phenomenon that, according to Lehigh University physics professor Jerome Licini, yields insights into center-of-mass and impacts. “The physics of that is pretty interesting and easy to understand,” says Licini who, along with first-year physics major […]

Posted: 02 Mar 2020 06:12 AM PST

​Researchers from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, have made a new contribution to the ongoing search into the possibility of life on Titan, Saturn’s largest moon. Using quantum mechanical calculations, they have shown that azotosomes, a proposed alternative form to conventional cell membranes, could not form under the conditions there. Their research is published in […]
Drug shows promise in reducing deadly brain swelling after stroke

Posted: 02 Mar 2020 06:11 AM PST

Cases of potentially deadly brain damage as a result of stroke could be reduced after new research identified a pathway in the brain that causes swelling, and which responds to an innovative treatment. Research led by the University of Exeter, and published in Nature Communications, has discovered how a malfunction in the way key proteins are transported within […]
Measuring electron spin qubit without demolishing it

Posted: 02 Mar 2020 06:09 AM PST

A group of scientists from the RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science in Japan have succeeded in taking repeated measurements of the spin of an electron in a silicon quantum dot (QD), without changing the spin in the process. This type of “non-demolition” measurement is important for creating quantum computers that are fault tolerant. Quantum […]
Not a ‘math person’? You may be better at learning to code than you think

Posted: 02 Mar 2020 06:07 AM PST

Want to learn to code? Put down the math book. Practice those communication skills instead. New research from the University of Washington finds that a natural aptitude for learning languages is a stronger predictor of learning to program than basic math knowledge, or numeracy. That’s because writing code also involves learning a second language, an […]
Machine learning picks out hidden vibrations from earthquake data

Posted: 02 Mar 2020 05:54 AM PST

Over the last century, scientists have developed methods to map the structures within the Earth’s crust, in order to identify resources such as oil reserves, geothermal sources, and, more recently, reservoirs where excess carbon dioxide could potentially be sequestered. They do so by tracking seismic waves that are produced naturally by earthquakes or artificially via […]
How to stop an iceberg in its tracks

Posted: 02 Mar 2020 05:54 AM PST

To determine how melting icebergs could be affecting the ocean, a kayak-sized robot stopped the massive chunks of ice drifting and spinning in the waters of the North Atlantic—all by itself. Or at least that’s what Hanumant Singh factored into the robot’s algorithms in order to render sharp 3D maps of icebergs in Sermilik Fjord, a 50-mile […]
Study: The Opioid Crisis May Be Far Worse than We Thought

Posted: 02 Mar 2020 05:52 AM PST

New research appearing in the journal Addiction shows that the number of deaths attributed to opioid-related overdoses could be 28 percent higher than reported due to incomplete death records. This discrepancy is more pronounced in several states, including Alabama, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, and Indiana, where the estimated number of deaths more than doubles – obscuring the scope of […]
Airborne Nitrogen Dioxide Plummets Over China

Posted: 02 Mar 2020 05:50 AM PST

NASA and European Space Agency (ESA) pollution monitoring satellites have detected significant decreases in nitrogen dioxide (NO2) over China. There is evidence that the change is at least partly related to the economic slowdown following the outbreak of coronavirus. At the end of 2019, medical professionals in Wuhan, China, were treating dozens of pneumonia cases […]

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