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Scientists resurrect mammoth’s broken genes

Posted: 07 Feb 2020 06:46 AM PST

Some 4,000 years ago, a tiny population of woolly mammoths died out on Wrangel Island, a remote Arctic refuge off the coast of Siberia. They may have been the last of their kind anywhere on Earth. To learn about the plight of these giant creatures and the forces that contributed to their extinction, scientists have […]
Simple, solar-powered water desalination

Posted: 07 Feb 2020 06:46 AM PST

A completely passive solar-powered desalination system developed by researchers at MIT and in China could provide more than 1.5 gallons of fresh drinking water per hour for every square meter of solar collecting area. Such systems could potentially serve off-grid arid coastal areas to provide an efficient, low-cost water source. The system uses multiple layers […]
Arctic Ice Melt Is Changing Ocean Currents

Posted: 07 Feb 2020 06:46 AM PST

A major ocean current in the Arctic is faster and more turbulent as a result of rapid sea ice melt, a new study from NASA shows. The current is part of a delicate Arctic environment that is now flooded with fresh water, an effect of human-caused climate change. Using 12 years of satellite data, scientists […]
How mosquitoes find humans to bite

Posted: 07 Feb 2020 06:46 AM PST

In a paper appearing online February 6 in Science, professor of biology Paul Garrity, PhD student Chloe Greppi, post-doctoral fellow Willem Laursen and several colleagues report that they’ve figured out an important part of how mosquitoes hone in on human warmth to find and bite people. Mosquitoes are one of the planet’s deadliest animals. Hundreds of thousands of […]
Arctic Acoustics

Posted: 07 Feb 2020 06:37 AM PST

At the top of the world we slowly cast our sonic nets beneath the waves, in search of the secrets that these soundscapes suppress. Spectrograms oscillate with aquatic effervescence, mimicking every muffled sigh that reverberates beneath pristine, crystal waters.   Dancing across the pixels, a medley of melodies slowly reveal their secrets. Rhythmic trills concoct […]This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

The herpes virus dilemma in Alzheimer’s disease

Posted: 07 Feb 2020 06:32 AM PST

There is currently a debate about whether herpes virus infections play a role in Alzheimer’s disease and Baylor College of Medicine researchers are actively contributing to the discussion. About 50 million people worldwide are affected by Alzheimer’s disease, a type of progressive dementia that results in the loss of memory, cognitive abilities and verbal skills. Alzheimer’s disease […]
Researchers Revise Timing of Easter Island’s Societal Collapse

Posted: 07 Feb 2020 06:24 AM PST

The prehistoric collapse of Easter Island’s monument-building society did not occur as long thought, according to a fresh look at evidence by researchers at four institutions, including the University of Arizona. “Our research significantly revises the chronology for monument building, pushing it into post-European times, thus upending the old ‘collapse’ story popularized by Jared Diamond, […]
Re-creating live-animal markets in the lab lets researchers see how pathogens like coronavirus jump species

Posted: 07 Feb 2020 06:21 AM PST

Nobody yet knows for sure the definitive origins of the newly recognized coronavirus now known as 2019-nCoV that’s currently spreading across the globe as a human respiratory pathogen. Early reports indicate that the source of the virus was the Huanan seafood market in Wuhan, China, where an eclectic mix of animals including rodents, rabbits, bats and other wild […]
Apps could take up less space on your phone, thanks to new ‘streaming’ software

Posted: 07 Feb 2020 06:19 AM PST

If you resort to deleting apps when your phone’s storage space is full, researchers have a solution. New software “streams” data and code resources to an app from a cloud server when necessary, allowing the app to use only the space it needs on a phone at any given time. “It’s like how Netflix movies […]
Elephants’ unique interactions with their dead

Posted: 06 Feb 2020 06:32 PM PST

Stories of unique and sentient interactions between elephants and their dead are a familiar part of the species’ lore, but a comprehensive study of these interactions has been lacking–until now. A recent review of documented field observations of elephants at carcasses reveals patterns of elephants’ behavior toward their dead, regardless of the strength of former […]


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