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Top Science News
January 27, 2020

Water coming over road in Kemah, Texas during Hurricane Harvey (stock image). | Credit: (c) eric /

Sea Level Rise Could Reshape the United States

Graying hair (stock image). | Credit: (c) smolaw11 /

Solving a Biological Puzzle: How Stress …

Illustration of asteroid hitting Earth (stock image). | Credit: (c) Mopic /

Earth’s Oldest Asteroid Strike and ‘Big Thaw’

View of Earth's atmosphere (stock image). | Credit: (c) studio023 /

Emissions of Potent Greenhouse Gas Have Grown

 Scientists have discovered Earth’s oldest asteroid strike occurred at Yarrabubba, in outback Western Australia, and coincided with the end of a global deep freeze known as a Snowball Earth. The … read more 
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Health News
January 27, 2020

Mouse in exercise wheel (stock image). | Credit: (c) Emilia Stasiak /

A Replacement for Exercise?

Neurons illustration (stock image). | Credit: (c) whitehoune /

Molecular Switch Repairs CNS Disorders

Woman and baby playing (stock image). | Credit: (c) nuzza11 /

Baby and Adult Brains ‘Sync Up’ During Play

Caenorhabditis elegans (stock image). | Credit: (c) heitipaves /

Extending Lifespan by 500 Percent

 Scientists have identified synergistic cellular pathways for longevity that amplify lifespan fivefold in C. elegans, a nematode worm used as a model in aging research. The increase in lifespan would … read more 
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Physical/Tech News
January 27, 2020

Illustration of meteor entering Earth's atmosphere (stock image). | Credit: (c) Vadimsadovski /

Meteorite Contains Oldest Material On Earth

African clawed frog, Xenopus laevis (stock image). | Credit: (c) Ezume Images /

Living Robots Built from Frog Cells

Illustration of inner solar system (stock image). | Credit: (c) JohanSwanepoel /

How the Solar System Got Its ‘Great Divide’

Light rays illustration (stock image). | Credit: (c) happycreator /

Electromagnetically Induced Transparency

 Using a nanoparticle as a ‘tuning device,’ researchers have devised a way to control electromagnetically induced transparency — a feature of light which allows it to pass through opaque … read more 
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Environment News
January 27, 2020

Wolf pups (stock image). | Credit: (c) Stephen Canino /

Wolf Puppies Spontaneously Play Fetch

Illustration of Cryptococcus neoformans (stock image). | Credit: (c) Kateryna_Kon /

‘Living Fossil’ May Upend Tenet of Evolution

Modern-day scorpion (stock image). | Credit: (c) Hamilton /

Fossil Is the Oldest-Known Scorpion

Clam shells (stock image). | Credit: (c) Vatchara /

Neanderthals Went Underwater for Their Tools

 Neanderthals collected clam shells and volcanic rock from the beach and coastal waters of Italy during the Middle Paleolithic, according to a new … read more 
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Society/Education News
January 27, 2020

Medical report (stock image). | Credit: (c) LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS /

Cancer Mortality Continues Steady Decline

Melting icebergs by the coast of Greenland (stock image). | Credit: (c) kavring /

Greenland Ice Losses Rising Faster

Drought in a corn field (stock image). | Credit: (c) Scott /

Jet Stream Waves: Risk to Food Production

Emissions from chimneys into air (stock image). | Credit: (c) OlgaKorica /

Reducing Air Pollution: Big Health Benefits

 Reductions in air pollution yielded fast and dramatic impacts on health-outcomes, as well as decreases in all-cause morbidity, according to new … read more 
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