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Top Science News
January 13, 2020

Tardigrade (stock image). | Credit: (c) rukanoga /

High Temps: Dramatic Even for Tardigrades

Woman and baby playing (stock image). | Credit: (c) nuzza11 /

Baby and Adult Brains ‘Sync Up’ During Play

African grey parrots (stock image). | Credit: (c) PinkBlue /

African Grey Parrots ‘Lend a Wing’

Caenorhabditis elegans (stock image). | Credit: (c) heitipaves /

Extending Lifespan by 500 Percent

 A research group has just shown that tardigrades are very vulnerable to long-term high temperature exposures. The tiny animals, in their desiccated … read more 
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Health News
January 13, 2020

Clock and eating concept (stock image). | Credit: (c) nehopelon /

When You Eat: As Important As What You Eat?

Pocket watch (stock image). | Credit: (c) Patrick Daxenbichler /

Body Clock and Memory Recall

Child with dog (stock image). | Credit: (c) melounix /

Exposure to Dogs: Lower Schizophrenia Risk

Illustration of cells (stock image). | Credit: (c) nobeastsofierce /

A New Gene Therapy Strategy

 Ever since humans domesticated the dog, the faithful, obedient and protective animal has provided its owner with companionship and emotional well-being. Now, a study suggests that being around ‘man’s … read more 
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Physical/Tech News
January 13, 2020

Subatomic particle collisions illustration (stock image). | Credit: (c) Peter Jurik /

Tiny Particle Accelerator Fits On a Chip

Thin ice concept (stock image). | Credit: (c) osterr /

A Close Look at Thin Ice

This image shows one of the gas halos newly observed with the MUSE instrument on ESO's Very Large Telescope superimposed to an older image of a galaxy merger obtained with ALMA. The large-scale halo of hydrogen gas is shown in blue, while the ALMA data is shown in orange. | Credit: ESO/Farina et al.; ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO), Decarli et al.

Black Holes’ Breakfast at the Cosmic Dawn

This image of the inner galaxy color codes different types of emission sources by merging microwave data (green) mapped by the Goddard-IRAM Superconducting 2-Millimeter Observer (GISMO) instrument with infrared (850 micrometers, blue) and radio observations (19.5 centimeters, red). Where star formation is in its infancy, cold dust shows blue and cyan, such as in the Sagittarius B2 molecular cloud complex. Yellow reveals more well-developed star factories, as in the Sagittarius B1 cloud. Red and orange show where high-energy electrons interact with magnetic fields, such as in the Radio Arc and Sagittarius A features. An area called the Sickle may supply the particles responsible for setting the Radio Arc aglow. Within the bright source Sagittarius A lies the Milky Way's monster black hole. The image spans a distance of 750 light-years. | Credit: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center

Cosmic ‘Candy Cane’ in Center of Galaxy

 Astronomers have observed reservoirs of cool gas around some of the earliest galaxies in the universe. These gas halos are the perfect food for supermassive black holes at the center of these … read more 
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Environment News
January 13, 2020

Devonian landscape (stock image). | Credit: (c) nicolasprimola /

How Fish Fins Evolved Before Transition to Land

Illustration of Earth's core (stock image; elements furnished by NASA). | Credit: (c) Vadimsadovski /

Scientists Find Iron ‘Snow’ in Earth’s Core

Dog and chalkboard addition (stock image). | Credit: (c) jivimages /

Dog and Human Counting: Similar Brain Region

Rice plant (stock image). | Credit: (c) apisitwilaijit29 /

Grain Traits: ‘Dark Matter’ of Rice Genome

 The results of a new canine numerosity study suggests that a common neural mechanism has been deeply conserved across mammalian … read more 
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Society/Education News
January 13, 2020

Melting icebergs by the coast of Greenland (stock image). | Credit: (c) kavring /

Greenland Ice Losses Rising Faster

Drought in a corn field (stock image). | Credit: (c) Scott /

Jet Stream Waves: Risk to Food Production

Emissions from chimneys into air (stock image). | Credit: (c) OlgaKorica /

Reducing Air Pollution: Big Health Benefits

Illustration of BPA molecular structure (stock image). | Credit: (c) Zerbor /

BPA Levels in Humans Underestimated: Study

 Reductions in air pollution yielded fast and dramatic impacts on health-outcomes, as well as decreases in all-cause morbidity, according to new … read more 
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