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Genius Mathematician Who Never Existed: Nicolas Bourbaki

Posted: 27 Dec 2019 12:52 PM PST

Nicolas Bourbaki is likely the last mathematician to master nearly all aspects of the field. A consummate collaborator, he made fundamental contributions to important mathematical fields such as set theory and functional analysis. He also revolutionized mathematics by emphasizing rigor in place of conjecture. There’s just one problem: Nicolas Bourbaki never existed. While it is […]
Malaria-Carrying Mosquitoes Can Sense Insecticides through Their Legs: Study

Posted: 27 Dec 2019 12:17 PM PST

A research team led by Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine scientists has identified a previously undescribed mechanism of insecticide resistance that is highly relevant to malaria control efforts. After studying malaria-carrying mosquitoes of the genus Anopheline, the researchers found that a particular family of binding proteins situated in the insect’s legs were highly expressed in […]
Earth’s North Magnetic Pole Keeps Drifting towards Siberia, Latest World Magnetic Model Shows

Posted: 27 Dec 2019 10:53 AM PST

Researchers from NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information and the British Geological Survey earlier this month released a new version of the World Magnetic Model, a data-based, mathematical representation of Earth’s large-scale magnetic field used for navigation, orientation, and heading references. Earth’s magnetic field is created by the planet’s moving, molten iron core. It is […]
TESS Discovers Two New Hot Jupiters

Posted: 27 Dec 2019 08:11 AM PST

Using NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) and several ground-based telescopes, astronomers have observed the transits of two hot-Jupiter exoplanets — one grazing and another fully transiting — around their Sun-like host stars. A paper describing the discovery of these planets will be published in the Astronomical Journal. Hot Jupiters are gas giants with orbital […]
Scientists Use Light to Transport Electrons at Ultrafast Speeds

Posted: 27 Dec 2019 05:54 AM PST

A research team led by University of Konstanz scientists has demonstrated that light waves can be used to transport electrons at sub-femtosecond speeds (i.e. faster than 10-15 seconds). “This may well be the distant future of electronics,” said University of Konstanz’s Professor Alfred Leitenstorfer, co-author of a paper published in the journal Nature Physics. “Our […]

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