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Welcome back to Hawaii Science Digest.  This blog was in hiatus while I assumed a new teaching position at the Laupahoehoe Community Public Charter School.  Thanks for the temporary diversion to my alternate site at  This site provides breaking science and technology news as it happens.  Now that I’m back to my regular sci-tech site, daily posts will resume.

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Spotlight science news

Materials Science

Cheers! Scientists take big step towards making the perfect head of beer

Drinkers will soon be cheering all the way to the bar thanks to a team of scientists who have taken a big step forward in solving the puzzle of how to make the perfect head of beer.

Condensed Matter

Gazing into crystal balls to advance understanding of crystal formation

Researchers at The University of Tokyo Institute of Industrial Science conducted simulations considering and neglecting hydrodynamic interactions to determine whether or not these interactions cause the large discrepancy …

Nightside barrier gently brakes ‘bursty’ plasma bubbles

The solar wind that pummels the Earth’s dayside magnetosphere causes turbulence, like air over a wing. Physicists at Rice University have developed new methods to characterize how that influences space weather on the nightside.


Introducing COMSOL Multiphysics 5.5

Now available, COMSOL Multiphysics version 5.5 includes two new add-on modules and a wide range of enhanced features and functionality. Check out the release highlights to learn more.

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 Medical Xpress

Psychology & Psychiatry
Men think they’re better liars
Alzheimer’s disease & dementia
Untangling APOE ε4’s association to tau tangles

 Tech Xplore

Toyota’s humanoid duplicates movements in robotic mobility

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