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Quantum Physics

Researchers achieve quantum control of an oscillator using a Josephson circuit

Superconducting circuits, which have zero electrical resistance, could enable the development of electronic components that are significantly more energy-efficient than most chips used today. Importantly, superconducting …


A multi-objective optimization approach for socially aware robot navigation

Mobile robots are gradually making their way into a number of human-populated environments, including hospitals, malls and people’s homes. In order for these robots to interact with humans in their surroundings, they should …

Adding copper strengthens 3-D-printed titanium

Successful trials of titanium-copper alloys for 3-D printing could kickstart a new range of high-performance alloys for medical device, defence and aerospace applications.

Monthly birth control pill could replace daily doses

Oral contraceptives are one of the most popular forms of birth control: In the United States, about 12 percent of women between 15 and 49 use them. However, their effectiveness depends on being taken every day, and it is …


New Case Studies from Engineers and Scientists

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 Medical Xpress

Alzheimer’s disease & dementia
Drugs that quell brain inflammation reverse dementia

 Tech Xplore

How plants harness ‘bad’ molecules for good ends

When most people think of a plant, they picture stems, leaves, flowers, and all the parts that are visible above ground. But Duke biologist Philip Benfey is more interested in the hidden half of the plant that is buried beneath …

Outlook for the polar regions in a 2-degrees-warmer world

With 2019 on pace as one of the warmest years on record, a major new study from the University of California, Davis, reveals how rapidly the Arctic is warming and examines global consequences of continued polar warming.

Scientists detail how chromosomes reorganize after cell division

Researchers have discovered key mechanisms and structural details of a fundamental biological process—how a cell nucleus and its chromosomal material reorganizes itself after cell division. The new findings in chromosomal …

Long-distance timber trade underpinned the Roman Empire’s construction

The ancient Romans relied on long-distance timber trading to construct their empire, according to a study published December 4, 2019 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Mauro Bernabei from the National Research Council, …

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