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Study of African animals illuminates links between environment, diet and gut microbiome

In recent years, the field of microbiome research has grown rapidly, providing newfound knowledge—and newfound questions—about the microbes that inhabit human and animal bodies. A new study adds to that foundation of …

Archaeology & Fossils

Ancient bone protein reveals which turtles were on the menu in Florida, Caribbean

Thousands of years ago, the inhabitants of modern-day Florida and the Caribbean feasted on sea turtles, leaving behind bones that tell tales of ancient diets and the ocean’s past.

Peering into a more ‘human’ petri dish

Cell culture media, the cocktail of chemicals and nutrients that keep cells alive and thriving in a dish, have been an essential tool of biology for more than 70 years. Remarkably, the composition of these potions hasn’t …

Scientists identify protein that promotes brain metastasis

A protein that breast, lung and other cancers use to promote their spread—or metastasis—to the brain, has been identified by a team led by Weill Cornell Medicine and New York-Presbyterian investigators. The protein, CEMIP, …

Deep neural networks uncover what the brain likes to see

Opening the eyes immediately provides a visual perception of the world—and it seems so easy. But the process that starts with photons hitting the retina and ends with ‘seeing’ is far from simple. The brain’s fundamental …


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China gets into blockchain race with US-

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