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How microbes hack into cells and why cancer drugs might block them

No matter the pathogen—virus, bacterium or fungus—many “pick a specific type of lock” on the surface of cells, which allows the microbe to break and enter into the inner sanctum of the host’s genome.

Soft Matter

Studying a cell’s crawling motion in a fluid

Cell motility, the spontaneous movement of cells from one location to another, plays a fundamental role in many biological processes, including immune responses and metastasis. Recent physics studies have gathered new evidence …

Step forward in falling research

University of Queensland research shows there is more at play than just a sinking feeling when you stumble during movement or trip in a hole in the ground.

Room for improvement in drug dosage timing in hospitals

Too many hospitals provide medications according to the practicalities of their staffing schedules rather than the ideal dosing times for their patients, according to a new study led by experts at Cincinnati Children’s.

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