Emotet, Trojans, Exploits, Ransomware 09/25/2019

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In this post, we’ll consider the growing threat of malicious malware and how it impacts your business and personal life.

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Here are the topics discussed in this post:

Emotet bot net springs back to life.

Am I vulnerable?

When corporate communications look like a phish.

A look at free mobile VPN apps.

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The big stories


Emotet is back: botnet springs back to life with new spam campaign

The Emotet Trojan is back in business with a spam-driven infection campaign. Targeting businesses of all sizes and even some consumers, Emotet is frequently used by scammers to spread ransomware. Read on and learn the latest.
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Exploits: Am I vulnerable?

Exploits: Am I vulnerable?

The two biggest Trojans in the world, Emotet and TrickBot, are partners in crime. One is the infection vector and the other spreads the infection across connected systems using something known as an exploit. Learn all about exploits and how to stop them.
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corporate phish

When corporate communications look like a phish

Part of the reason why phishing emails work is that legitimate emails from companies we trust often look like phishes themselves. Learn how to spot the phish and avoid getting hooked.
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VPN apps

300 shades of gray: a look into free mobile VPN apps

You may have heard about VPNs as a way to protect your privacy online, but what exactly is a VPN? We give you the rundown on what VPNs are and what they can and cannot do.
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