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The Guardian GT is a real-life Power Loader from ‘Aliens’

Meet the Guardian GT powered exoskeleton. It’s time to power up.


<p>MIT demonstrated the properties of its CNT material by painting a diamond. The coated diamond image is on the right.</p>

MIT unveils new ‘blackest black’ material and makes a diamond disappear

MIT joins a fascinating field that already includes Vantablack.



Rare full moon will light up Friday the 13th for the first time in years

The spooky date gets a spooky night sky to go with it, and there won’t be another nationwide until 2049.


<p>The first interstellar comet: c/2019 Q4</p>

Our best look at likely interstellar comet Borisov so far

It’s coming for a swing past our sun because it isn’t bound to one. Scientists have taken a stunning multicolor image of the visitor on approach.




  • <p>It's a real shame I used Spinal Tap's "none more black" joke a few weeks ago, but then again, who could have predicted this?</p>

    Vantablack swallows everything it’s painted on

  • <p></p>

    See the Perseid meteor shower make a celestial scene worldwide

  • <p>Elon Musk's photo of the actual Starship prototype looks very close to this rendered version he <a href="">shared in a tweet on Jan. 5</a>. The render shows a smoother skin, which highlights the retro sci-fi look of the design.</p>

    Elon Musk shows off the shiny SpaceX Starship

  • <p></p>

    Here are other moons worth visiting in person

<p>NASA used this image of the far-off Vesta asteroid to illustrate its release on this week's asteroids.</p>

NASA: Two asteroids will fly safely by Earth this weekend, so chill

You don’t even have to duck.


<p>These NASA interns rock.</p>

Ariana Grande space song gets a rocking moon-mission remix

It was only a matter of time.


<p>It's a real shame I used Spinal Tap's "none more black" joke a few weeks ago, but then again, who could have predicted this?</p>

Vantablack swallows everything it’s painted on

A Vantablack coating makes cars, watches, deodorant and even an entire Olympic pavilion look like they collided with a black hole.


<p>Hubble observed Saturn on June 20, 2019 and gave us this lovely new portrait.</p>

Saturn rings shine bright in gorgeous new NASA Hubble portrait

Hello, beautiful.


  • <p></p>

    This machine creates artificial vision for the blind

  • <p></p>

    Facebook ready to hide likes, SpaceX satellite almost crashes

  • <p></p>

    SpaceX aces Starhopper rocket test

  • <p></p>

    Growing seafood from fish cells

<p>These two skeletons are now known to be both males.</p>

Ancient ‘Lovers of Modena’ skeletons determined to be two men

Scientists studied the skeletons’ teeth to learn more about the remains, which were found holding hands.


<p>Google's ARCore platform puts an augmented world at your fingerprints.</p>

Google’s AR ‘save button’ would let you post digital notes on real world

Imagine “leaving AR notes for your friends … or hiding AR objects at specific places around the world,” the search giant says of the Cloud Anchors feature it’s testing.


<p>An illustration of the comet interceptor concept.</p>

Interstellar objects could be target for space mission

First there was Oumuamua. Now comet C/2019 Q4 may be visiting from beyond our solar system. A future interstellar tourist could be the first we check out up close with a mission already in the works.


<p>We appear to be getting a visit from a comet from beyond the solar system for the first time, at least that we've noticed.&nbsp;</p>

Interstellar object may be headed our way

Oumuamua was the first known object to visit from beyond the solar system. Now another may be inbound, but this time it’s been spotted ahead of time.



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