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Human Microbiome Churns Out Thousands Of Tiny Novel Proteins

Your body is a wonderland. A wonderland teeming with trillions of bacteria, that is. But it’s not as horrifying as it might sound. In…

Study Shows Gun Shops Can Aid In Preventing Suicides

Firearm retailers around Washington state are willing to learn about suicide prevention and to train their employees in how to spot and act on…

Evidence Found For Cloaked Black Hole In Early Universe

A group of astronomers, including Penn State scientists, has announced the likely discovery of a highly obscured black hole existing only 850 million years…

Study Identifies 69 Genes That Increase The Risk For Autism

A UCLA-led research team has identified dozens of genes, including 16 new genes, that increase the risk of autism spectrum disorder. The findings, published in…

One Cell At A Time, Researchers Create A Blueprint Of Liver Cells In Health…

In every tissue throughout our bodies, various cell types are communicating and coordinating their efforts to perform vital functions and maintain health.In a new…

Study Furthers Radically New View Of Gene Control

In recent years, MIT scientists have developed a new model for how key genes are controlled that suggests the cellular machinery that transcribes DNA…

A Surprisingly Abundant Type Of Marine Bacteria May Speed Up Climate Change

A USC-led research team has found that marine microbes with a special metabolism could play an important role in how Earth regulates climate. The study…

Researchers Design A Light-Trapping, Color-Converting Crystal

Five years ago, Stanford postdoctoral scholar Momchil Minkov encountered a puzzle that he was impatient to solve. At the heart of his field of nonlinear optics…

Forgotten Immune Cells Protective In Mouse Model Of Multiple Sclerosis

A seldom-studied class of immune cells may reduce the friendly fire that drives autoimmune disease, according to a new study by researchers at the Stanford…

Optimistic People Sleep Better, Longer, Study Finds

People who are the most optimistic tend to be better sleepers, a study of young and middle-aged adults found.More than 3,500 people ages 32-51…
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