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Top Science News
August 5, 2019

3D Printing the Human Heart

‘Heavy Metal’ Exoplanet Shaped Like a Football

TESS Uncovers Its ‘First Nearby Super-Earth’

Mysterious Release of Radioactive Material

 It was the most serious release of radioactive material since Fukushima 2011, but the public took little notice of it: In September 2017, a slightly radioactive cloud moved across Europe. Now, a … read more 
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Health News
August 5, 2019

Scientists Find Clue to ‘Maternal Instinct’

Ultra-Processed: America’s Packaged Food Supply

Artificial Protein: New ‘Smart’ Cell Therapies

Lyme Disease: Mice, Not Just Ticks

 Oxytocin is referred to as the love hormone and is important in the regulation of social and maternal behavior. The oxytocin system in the brain may be key to new treatments for many mental health … read more 
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Physical/Tech News
August 5, 2019

Prosthetic Arm Can Sense Touch

Vast Void in Our Cosmic Neighborhood

Magnetic Activity in ‘Hot Jupiter’ Exoplanets

Fossil Clams and Evidence of Ancient Meteorite

 Biomedical engineers are helping develop a prosthetic arm for amputees that can move with the person’s thoughts and feel the sensation of touch via an array of electrodes implanted in the muscles of … read more 
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Environment News
August 5, 2019

Sharks Under Worldwide Threat from Overfishing

Tidewater Glaciers Melting Faster Than Expected

Origin of Photosynthesis: Strange Bacteria

More Climate Warming Than in Last 2,000 Years

 Over 150 scientists from 26 countries combined movement data from nearly 2,000 sharks tracked with satellite tags. Using this tracking information, researchers identified areas of the ocean that were … read more 
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Society/Education News
August 5, 2019

Saving Lives by Cutting Air Pollution Levels

Using Antibiotics Without a Prescription

Drilling Deeper for Water

Feed 11 Billion People? And Control Disease?

 Research findings show significant human health benefits when air quality is better than the current national ambient air quality standard. The … read more 
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