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Clearing Up The ‘Dark Side’ Of Artificial Leaves

While artificial leaves hold promise as a way to take carbon dioxide — a potent greenhouse gas — out of the atmosphere, there is…

You Can’t Squash This Roach-Inspired Robot

If the sight of a skittering bug makes you squirm, you may want to look away — a new insect-sized robot created by researchers…
The Negev Desert, Israel, where researchers from Argonne and the University of Chicago used the radioisotope krypton-81 to identify two distinct source contributions to the water in the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer. (Image by Zheng-Tian Lu, University of Science and Technology of China.)

Krypton Reveals Ancient Water Beneath The Israeli Desert

Getting reliable precipitation data from the past has proven difficult, as is predicting regional changes for climate models in the present. A combination of…

Study Finds Lower Stress, Depression Levels In Mothers Of Children With Autism

Mothers of young children with autism who focus on improving the quality of their own relationship skills–as opposed to teaching developmental skills to their…

Psoriasis Therapy Linked To Reduced Coronary Inflammation In Patients With The Skin Condition

Researchers have found that anti-inflammatory biologic therapies used to treat moderate to severe psoriasis can significantly reduce coronary inflammation in patients with the chronic…

New Recipes For Taking Salt Out Of Seawater

As populations boom and chronic droughts persist, coastal cities like Carlsbad in Southern California have increasingly turned to ocean desalination to supplement a dwindling fresh water supply.Now…

Marital Infidelity And Professional Misconduct Linked, Study Shows

People who cheat on their spouses are significantly more likely to engage in misconduct in the workplace, according to a study from the McCombs…

First Pictures Of Enzyme That Drives New Class Of Antibiotics

Understanding how antibiotic scaffolds are constructed in nature can help scientists prospect for new classes of antibiotics through DNA sequencing and genome mining. Researchers…

Study: Children Born To Older Parents Tend To Have Fewer Behavior Problems

Since 1995, parents in many Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development countries and in the United States have been having their first babies at…

What Compulsive Dating-App Users Have In Common

Loneliness and social anxiety is a bad combination for single people who use dating apps on their phones, a new study suggests.Researchers found that…
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