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With a year until the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, meet the robots who will be helping.
With a year to go until the Olympics and Paralympics in Tokyo, meet the robots that will be used on site at the events.

Mayor: How I’m signed up to climate change and coal mine

Local Democracy Reporting Service

John Connell

The elected Mayor of Copeland has insisted the council is “fully signed up to the climate change agenda” despite his support for a new coal mine.

Mike Starkie made the comments after campaigners opposed to a £165m mine planned for West Cumbria descended on Whitehaven over the weekend.

Artist's impression of coal mine surface buildings

West Cumbria Mining

Protestors from Extinction Rebellion marched from Haig Pit museum to Copeland council’s Market Hall to express their concerns, though the plans were agreed at county level.

Mr Starkie told a council executive meeting: “At the end of the day there is a climate change agenda that we’re 100% bought into and we are absolutely understand, but there is an economic agenda as well – and we need a balance.”

We need renewable energy and the last time I checked you still need steel for the windmills and that’s what the coking coal is being mined to produce.”

Mike Starkie

Met Office warns of risk of severe thunderstorms in Cumbria

The Met Office says scattered thunderstorms will move quickly north overnight.

The yellow warning says some places will miss the storms, but where they do appear there could be frequent lightning with power black-outs, hail, gusty winds and a few sudden downpours.

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