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  1. Google speaks to fuzzy game-ownership question in new Stadia FAQ

    Tucked into the fine print: A path to “Stadia Base” access before its formal launch.

  2. Raspberry Pi admits to faulty USB-C design on the Pi 4

    “I expect this will be fixed in a future board revision,” says co-creator.

  3. The electric Mini is going into production; deliveries start early 2020

    The addition of batteries doesn’t compromise space, but range will be limited.

  4. Cuphead the game is becoming Cuphead the animated Netflix series

    Netflix adds one more video game franchise to its bustling portfolio.

  5. Elon Musk puts kibosh on hopes of refreshed Model S and X vehicles

    Will this news halt the slump in sales for these two models, or accelerate it?

  6. Space-based gravitational-wave detector may detect strange exoplanets

    Large objects orbiting white dwarf binaries would be picked up by the LISA project.

  7. Microsoft releases Windows 1.11 throwback app as a Stranger Things tie-in

    Mystery solved: Microsoft’s classic software tease is all about the Netflix show.


  1. Russian spy sub crew prevented nuclear accident at cost of their lives

    Submarine was on “combat training mission” with civilian expert aboard for equipment test.

  2. Antivaxxers turn to homeschooling to avoid protecting their kids’ health

    One anti-vaccine parent planned to quit her part-time job to “become an educator.”

  3. Amazon plans nationwide broadband—with both home and mobile service

    Amazon seeks FCC approval to launch 3,236 low-Earth broadband satellites.


  1. July 8, 2011: That time Ars saw the last ever Space Shuttle launch

    From the archives: Eight years ago, NASA launched Atlantis and ended an era.

  2. Court rules Amazon can be held responsible for defective third-party goods

    Who can you call when the actual seller vanishes off the face of the Earth?

  3. Snowball the dancing cockatoo has wide range of killer moves, new study finds

    Head bangs, body rolls, foot lifts, and down shakes—this bird can even vogue.

  4. VW’s crazy electric car breaks F1 record at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

    The Festival of Speed went electric, autonomous, and remote control in 2019.

  5. Unexploded World War II bombs may still be buried at Pompeii

    7 to 10 unexploded bombs may await archaeologists in unexcavated parts of Pompeii.

  6. In renders, the Pixel 4 trades a giant notch for a giant forehead

    Google is once again going with a, uh, “unique” design for the Pixel line.

  1. I updated my crusty old Pentium G-based server—the results are worth sharing

    A Ryzen CPU and a Rosewill case got us big gains at about the same cost.

  2. Archival footage, audio immerses viewers in APOLLO: Missions to the Moon

    Director Tom Jennings and engineer Poppy Northcutt reflect on seminal era in space flight.

  3. Disney’s live-action Mulan looks more like a period drama in first teaser

    “Quiet. Composed. Graceful. Disciplined. These are the qualities of a good Chinese wife.”

  4. How much carbon does our lumber sequester?

    It’s not all that much, and keeping it sequestered depends on economic conditions.

  5. Fixing the past: The art of collecting pinball machines

    From the archives: Pinball is a dying art, but as it dies it has spawned a new art in its place.

  6. Guidemaster: Fitness trackers to consider before buying a smartwatch

    Fitness bands are still around, and one of these might be the best wristband for you.

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