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Welcome to the “New Scientist Magazine” update from Hawaii Science Digest. Views expressed in this Hawaii Science summary are those of the reporters and correspondents.  Content supplied by “New Scientist Magazine”.  Accessed on 07 June 2019, 1905 UTC.


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International Space Station

NASA will let people pay to stay on the International Space Station

The striped maple (Acer pensylvanicum) can switch to making flowers of a different sex

Some trees can change sex and are more likely to die when female

UK campaigners protesting for access to the Orkambi in 2017

A generic drug from Argentina offers cystic fibrosis families hope

False colour image of the South Pole-Aitken Basin

Huge asteroid that hit the moon may be preserved below the surface

the author converted into a Google Map, using the Fast Style Transfer GAN

Anyone can now play with sophisticated AIs thanks to a desktop app

Discovery photo of the mature Castanopsis fruiting spike fossil with four nuts enclosed in scaly cupules, showing the part and counterpart on the split surface at Laguna del Hunco.

52-million-year-old fossils suggest oak relatives evolved in the south


A spoon of sugar

Why the truth about our sugar intake isn’t as bad as we are told

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Australia could start exporting sunshine in the form of hydrogen

Children and a power plant

Will the UK use a legal loophole to hit government climate targets?


Forget rampant killer robots: AI’s real danger is far more insidious

We need to talk about how population growth is harming the planet

We need to talk about how population growth is harming the planet

computer cartoon

Singapore’s ban on fake news sets a dangerous precedent

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