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How beach school helps children learn without realising it
Beach schools are among a wave of outdoor learning programmes connecting the national curriculum to the natural world.

Nature reserve plans aim to bring in tourists

Colin Briggs

Look North

Plans to boost visitor numbers and attract more wildlife at a Teesside nature reserve are being put forward.

The Saltholme Nature Reserve near Port Clarence is a site of special scientific interest run by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

The RSPB has submitted plans to Stockton Council for new pools and footpaths plus improvements to the main lake.

Site managers say it’ll improve ponds for nesting terns, wintering waterfowl and invertebrate species such as dragonfly while making them easier to see.

Work on site has to be spread out to avoid disturbing birds and other protected species. If the plans are approved, it’s hoped to complete the improvements this autumn.

Birds at Saltholme Nature Reserve


Food waste

Zero Waste Scotland is urging people to cut down the amount of unwanted food they put in the bin.

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