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Top Science News
April 19, 2019

History of the Crusades, Told by Crusaders’ DNA

Fossils Found in Museum Drawer: Huge Carnivore

Gene Therapy Restores Immunity in Infants

Functions in Pig’s Brain Restored Hours …

 A small clinical trial has shown that gene therapy can safely correct the immune systems of infants newly diagnosed with a rare, life-threatening … read more 
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Health News
April 19, 2019

Scientists Print 3D Heart With Patient’s Cells

Eelectrostimulation Can Improve Working Memory

Crucial ‘Electrical Switch’ in Brain

Smiling Really Can Make People Happier

 Scientists have revealed the structure of a critical receptor in the brain associated with learning, memory, behavior and mood. The new research is the first to reveal the structure of AMPA receptors … read more 
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Physical/Tech News
April 19, 2019

How to Defend the Earth from Asteroids

Need More Energy Storage? Just Hit ‘Print’

Engineers Tap DNA to Create ‘Lifelike’ Machines

Cassini Reveals Surprises With Titan’s Lakes

 The Chelyabinsk meteor caused extensive ground damage and numerous injuries when it exploded on impact with Earth’s atmosphere in 2013; to prevent another such impact, scientists plan to use a simple … read more 
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Environment News
April 19, 2019

Climate: Giant Tortoises Migrate Unpredictably

Bumblebee Species Under Threat of Extinction

Blame Ocean Circulation for 2018 Red Tide?

Urine Salts: Timing of Neolithic Revolution

 Researchers use GPS to track the timing and patterns of giant tortoise migration over multiple years. The tortoises often take the same migration routes over many years in order to find optimal food … read more 
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Society/Education News
April 19, 2019

Flying Cars in Sustainable Mobility

Associating Colors With Vowels? Most Do!

One in Five Deaths Associated With Poor Diet

Climate: Rainfall Changes for Key Crops

 A new study of the environmental sustainability impacts of flying cars, formally known as electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, or VTOLs, finds that they wouldn’t be suitable for a … read more 
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